Art for Spastics

DJ Rick

Tuesday, July 6
KDVS Presents
@ The Hub
1819 23rd Street in Sacramento


all ages/$5/8:30


Diy & Etc & Punk

Missed the Show?

MP3 320kbps, broadband

Monday 7/05/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Moonhearts Can't Find My Way self-titled Tic Tac Totally *forthcoming
Moonhearts Eat My Shorts self-titled Tic Tac Totally
Unwed Teenage Mothers (I'm Gonna) Blackout Tonight If That's Love 7-inch Tic Tac Totally 2009
The Shanks Backstabber Backstabber 7-inch Tic Tac Totally 2009
Matt K . Shrugg C.I.A. Gone Ashtray Tic Tac Totally *new
Red Mass You've Heard These Chords Before [Nervous Eaters] split 10-inch w/ Strange Attractor P. Trash *new
The Normals Hardcore Almost Ready 7-inch Lectric Eye 1978
Cinecyde Radiation Sickness Positive Action 7-inch Tremor 1979
Paintbox Thaw Trip, Trance & Travelling Prank 2009
Paintbox Daichikyuu = Save the Ground
White Lung 80,000 X Atlanta 7-inch Deranged 2010
White Lung Backhouse Magazines 7-inch Deranged 2008
Expando Brain I Blame You Prouder Than Chowder 7-inch Vacant Lot 1989
Expando Brain Flogging a Dead Relationship Mother of God! It's... Vacant Lot 1986
Sorry Imaginary Friend Imaginary Friend Radiobeat 1984
Foot Ox/Splinter Cake Foot Ox - Colorado Springs split Folktale *new
JJCnV Brand New Two Hits and a Miss Flab Fjord *new
Soft Shoulder Rules People Problems Gilgongo *new
Pigeon Religion Huge Bummer Dead Boss 7-inch Gilgongo 2009
Pigeon Religion Shootist Scorpion Milk 7-inch Parts Unknown 2009
Gangwish Sea of Love Space Case vol. I Dear Skull *new
Adult Themes Young Bodies Four Fires Crikey! *new
And Also the Trees Wallpaper Dying Shantell 7-inch Future 1983
Blessure Grave Changes in the Darkness Judged by 12, Carried by 6 Alien8 *new
Zond Choam self-titled R.I.P. Society *new
Loop Collision Collision 12-inch EP Chapter 22 1988
Loop Spinning The World in Your Eyes Reactor 1987
Billy Syndrome Crazy Bongos/More Vicious Burger 109 1990
Uzi Rash I'm a Trash Bag We Live on Trash: Lite Freedom School *new
House, Ron Street Was a Soundtrack Blind Boy in the Backseat Columbus Discount *new (orig 1986)
v/a The Rebel - Maureen Flottante Tension d' Eclipse SDZ *new
U.S. Girls Lunar Life Lunar Life 7-inch Atelier Ciseaux *new
Birds of Maya Sunday Ready to Howl Richie/Tesostertunes *new