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  • Weekly Top 30

    1. Timmy's Organism
      Lick Up Your Town b/w Sweet Tooth (Total Punk)
    2. IPPS
      Life"s A Mess (Superdreamer)
    3. Marbled Eye
      Former Dirt b/w Feast Objects (Digital Regress)
    4. Power
      Electric Glitter Boogie (In The Red)
    5. Moon Duo
      Occult Architecture (Sacred Bones)
    6. Once and Future Band
      Once and Future Band (Castle Face)
    7. James Arthur's Manhunt
      Staring at the Sun (Spacecase)
    8. Make Overs
      Try Me (Heel Turn Records)
    9. Moral Panic
      Moral Panic (Slovenly)
    10. Rik and The Pigs
      Don't Tell On Me (Total Punk)
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