Apply for KDVS News

Interested in radio journalism?


KDVS News offers journalism internships for all students interested!

KDVS News is the parent organization of The Cycle News Hour, the largest broadcast journalism organization on campus. Through Cycle News, the KDVS News Department will offer you the chance to build your resume with relevant journalism experience and valuable insight into the world of politics and media.

As a reporter for KDVS News, you will get the opportunity to feature in breaking news segments, conduct interviews with persons of interest, and will be responsible for compiling and producing content for our weekly program on 90.3 FM.

The workload is approximately 3-5 hours per week. No prior journalism or radio experience is required.

For the 2018-2019 school year, our team is looking for dedicated students who are willing to give their all to make our department successful. To apply, email a resume and a short letter introducing yourself to After sending your email, our News Director will reach out to you with detailed application instructions.

Fall 2018 Deadline: October 19th
Winter 2019 Deadline: January 12th
Spring 2019 Deadline: April 13th

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