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Beyond The Stench of Death


 Tonight's episode will be presented in 3 parts. Part I is a visitation to some underground classics in which Asphyx and Ulver are two. Part II will be a set of asked-for Florida Death Metal in which Cannibal corpse and Obituary are prominent. Part III will feature new and old Black Metal and Death Metal, maybe even some Thrash. There will be blood!


Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

Friday 10/31/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM

Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer



Saturday 11/01/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM

Monster Island



Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, reggae, beat music, modern funk, samba, electronic

Sunday 11/02/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM

New Day Jazz

Justin Desmangles


Classical, Jazz, Blues, Experimental, Poetry & Literature

Sunday 11/02/2014 @ 3:00PM - 6:00PM

The Front Porch Blues Show

JD Esquire & TJ & Rich Blackmarr

Rich Blackmarr is hosting the Front Porch Blues Show this evening.  The focus of the program will be a follow-up of the September 28th FPBS that reviewed blues recordings released in the year 1961.  It will feature songs recorded by established artists not included in the 9/28 program including John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Slim, Ray Charles, Roscoe Gordon, Magic Sam, Ruth Brown, Amos Milburn, and Charles Brown, as well as encores from the likes of Elmore James, Eddie Boyd, Muddy Waters, Smokey Smothers, and Christine Kittrell.  This 1961 Part 2 show will also include fine efforts by less well known blues practitioners including pre-WW2 veterans Victoria Spivey, Lonnie Johnson, and Henry Townsend, plus Lee Jackson, Syl Johnson, Delilah Wynn with Johnny Heartsman, Eddie Clearwater, and Betty James.

Sunday 11/02/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM




Psychedelic, experimental, rock en español, ambient, elctronica

Monday 11/03/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM

Apartment 5

baby d


indie-pop, twee, alt-rock, shoe gaze, general monday morning vibes

Monday 11/03/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM

Sub Zero



Surf, Indie, Psychedelic, Garage, Blues

Monday 11/03/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Confessions of a teenage drama queen

Cherry Sparkle Princess


Eclectic, Electronic, Hiphop, Trap, Indie Rock, Taylor Swift influenced, late 90's techno, italo disco, G-Funk, Chief Keef

Friday 11/07/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM