Top 5 Adds


  1. Mac Demarco
    Another One (Captured Tracks)
  2. La Luz
    Weirdo Shrine (Sub Pop)
  3. The Blind Shake
    Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)
  4. Gam
    Eiszeit (Dirty Knobby)
  5. Various Artists
    We're Loud: 90's Cassette Punk Unkowns (Slovenly)


  1. Spray Paint
    Punters On A Barge (Homeless)
  2. The Penetrators
    She's The Kinda Girl7" (Slovenly)
  3. Snickers
    On The Hi-Fi (Plam)
  4. DMAS
    Laced b/w So We Know (Oh You/Illusive)
  5. Bichkraft
    Mascot (Wharf Cat)


  1. The Golden Pelicans
    Oldest Ride Longest Line (Total Punk)
  2. The Wilful Boys
    Anybody There" (Ever/Never)
  3. Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes
    Wet-Willy (Heel Turn)
  4. Renny Wilson
    Punk Explosion/Extension (Mint)
  5. Creeping Pink
    Mirror Woods (Castle Face)


  1. The Memories
    Home Style (Randy)
  2. Martin Rev
    Clouds of Glory (Permanent)
  3. Uh Bones
    Honey Coma (Randy)
  4. VCSR
    Tape #4 (Permanent)
  5. Repairs
    Decay b/w Cycle (Hozac)


  1. Psychic Baos
    Society's Lien On Peace Of Mind/Can't Keep Us Down (Magnetic South)
  2. Charlies
    Jail Sessions (Shadoks)
  3. Tough Age
    I Get The Feeling Central (Mint Records)
  4. Laurice
    Best of Laurice Vol.2 (Mighty Mouth Music)
  5. The Sueves
    Liquid Hounds b/w Bricks 'N' Bones (Hozac)