Top 5 Adds


  1. Submissions
    II (Skrot Up)
  2. CV313
    Dimensional Space (Echospace)
  3. The Future Primitives
    Into The Primitive (Voodoo Rhythm)
  4. Lab Partners
    Seven Seas (Pravda)
  5. Wray
    Wray (Communicating Vessels)


  1. The God In Hackney
    Cave Moderne (Junior Aspirin)
  2. Ausmuteants
    Stale White Boys 7 (Easter Bilby)
  3. Happy Times
    Hey, Biscay 7 (Swashbuckling Hobo)
  4. The Anomalys
    Deadline Blues b/w No More! (Slovenly)
  5. Bastard Noise
    Young World (Love Earth Music)


  1. Growing Pains
    17 Songs About The Same Girl (Urinal Cake)
  2. Useless Eaters
    Desperate Living EP (Slovenly)
  3. Feelings
    Ends Meat (Urinal Cake)
  4. Total Control
    Typical System (Iron Lung Records)
  5. Amen Dunes
    Love (Sacred Bones)


  1. Bad Daddies
    Bad Daddies 7 (Negative Fun Records)
    Third Time To Harm (Tic Tac Totally)
  3. Eastlink
    Eastlink (In The Red)
  4. Cretin Stompers
    Looking Forward To Being Attacked (Hozac)
  5. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace
    Hunger (Castleface)


  1. Sumerian Fleet
    Just Pressure (Dark Entries)
  2. Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness
    Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadnes (Students Of Decay)
  3. Watery Love
    Decorative Feeding (In The Red Records)
  4. Garotas Suecas
    Feras Miticas (Vampi Soul)
  5. RedRedRed
    Pattern Completion (Dark Entries)