Top 5 Adds


  1. G. Green
    Area Codes (Mt. St. Mtn)
  2. Ulsers
    Remember Them 7" (Wallaby Beat)
  3. Meatbodies/Wand
    Split 7" (In The Red)
  4. Xetas
    The Silence b/w The Knife (12XU)
  5. The Gotobeds
    Poor People Are Revolting (12XU)


  1. Rodman Melchior/Melchior Rodman
    Rodman Melchior Melchior Rodman (Fabrica)
  2. EQ Why
    Chitokyo Mixtape (Orange Milk)
  3. Jim O'Rourke
    Steamroom 13 (Self Released)
  4. John Lacey, John Gunni Busck, COUM Transmissions
    Music For Stocking Top, Swing and Staircase (Other Ideas)
  5. Birds Of Maya
    Celebration (Little Big Chief)


  1. The Dacios
    Monkey's Blood (Homeless)
  2. Lunch
    Quinn Touched The Sun (Resurrection)
  3. White Fence
    For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City)
  4. The X Rays
    Jameson Shot Review from Uber Rock 7" (Big Neck)
  5. The NVs
    Trust Fund Suicide 7" EP (Big Neck)


  1. The Dead Space
    Faker (12XU)
  2. Manatees
    Smoke That Bird (JKSHK)
  3. The Muffs
    Whoop De Doo (Burger)
  4. Cheveu
    Bum (Born Bad)
  5. Shovels
    Shovels (Homeless)


  1. Submissions
    II (Skrot Up)
  2. CV313
    Dimensional Space (Echospace)
  3. The Future Primitives
    Into The Primitive (Voodoo Rhythm)
  4. Lab Partners
    Seven Seas (Pravda)
  5. Wray
    Wray (Communicating Vessels)