Top 5 Adds


  1. Baby Fleas
    Beware the Possum (Penniback)
  2. O Type
    Darling (Milvia Son)
  3. Red Space Cyrod
    En Devenir (Self Released)
  4. Linda Perhacs
    The Soul Of All Natural Things (Asthmatic Kitty)
  5. Dragging An Ox Through water
    Panic Sentry (Eggy/Mississippi/Change)


  1. Back Magic
    Chorus Line to Hell (Milvia Son)
  2. Novy Svet
    Doce (Kill Shaman)
  3. Watch Out!
    To Live and Leave (BYM)
  4. Obnox
    Used Kids (12XU)
  5. De Lux
    Voyage (Innovative Leisure)


  1. Guinea Worms/The In Out
    Split (Botulism Music)
  2. The Night Terrors
    Back To Zero (Homeless)
  3. 999999999 (All Nines)
    White Devils (HoZac)
  4. Witch Dream Mansion
    Witch Dream Mansion (Self Released)
  5. Cataldo
    Glided Oldies (Self Released)


  1. Aloa
    Aloa (Medical)
  2. Dahga Bloom
    No Curtains (Captcha)
  3. Death
    North Street b/w We're Gonna Make It (Drag City)
  4. Soft Riot
    Fiction Prediction (Volar)
  5. Roladex
    Anthems For The Micro-Age (Medical)


  1. Poppet
    The Blue Sky Is Always Blue (Bicycle Records)
  2. Richard Youngs
    A Stolen Ringbuoy b/w A Stolen Life (Dirty Knobby)
  3. Warm Soda
    Young Reckless Hearts (Castle Face)
  4. Fine Steps
    All Day Long (Volar)
  5. Psychic Wheels
    Peripheral Drift (Superdreamer)