Top 5 Adds


  1. Toupee
    Leg Toucher (Moniker)
  2. BBJr
    I Did What I Could With What I Had (Captcha)
  3. Quicksails
    Fleurs De La Lune (Captcha)
  4. Babysitter/Hag Face
    Split (Psychic Handshake)
  5. Vexx
    Vexx (M'Lady's/Upset The Rhythm)


  1. Atlantic Thrills
    Bedbugs 7" (Almost Ready)
  2. Chelsea Wolfe
    Abyss (Sargent House)
  3. Derek Piotr
    Bahar (Bit Phalanx)
  4. Rand and Holland
    Rand and Holland (A Guide To Saints)
  5. Chatham Rise/The Lightshines
    Split LP (Picture In My Ear)


  1. Robert Crouch
    Organs (Dragon's Eye)
  2. Chihei Hetakeyama
    Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room 40)
  3. Andrew Tuttle
    Slowcation (A Guide To Saints)
  4. Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Luke Damrosc
    Threnody: Shorter Discourses Of the Buddah (Public Eyesore)
  5. France Jobim & Fabio Perletta
    Mirror Neurons (Dragon's Eye)


  1. Neo Boys
    Sooner or Later (K/Mississippi)
  2. Wetdog
    Divine Times (Upset The Rhythm)
  3. Qwanqwa
    Volume Two (For Practically Everybody)
  4. Shearing Pinx
    Poison Hands (Gilgongo)
  5. Gel Set
    Human Salad (Moniker)


  1. Mac Demarco
    Another One (Captured Tracks)
  2. La Luz
    Weirdo Shrine (Sub Pop)
  3. The Blind Shake
    Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)
  4. GAM
    Eiszeit (Dirty Knobby)
  5. Various Artists
    We're Loud: 90's Cassette Punk Unkowns (Slovenly)