Top 5 Adds


  1. Two Sheds
    Assembling (Crossbill)
  2. Lorna
    London's Leaving Me (Words On Music)
  3. Kant
    Metaphysik (Self - Released)
  4. The Necks
    Vertigo (Northern Spy)
  5. White Out with Nels Cline
    Accidental Sky (Northern Spy)


  1. Don Howland
    Life Is A Nightmare (12XU)
  2. The Van Buren Wheels
    The Van Buren Wheels (Slovenly)
  3. Walker/Melchior
    In Durham (Kill Shaman)
  4. Wand
    1000 Days (Drag City)
  5. Richard Papiercuts
    The Sorrow Of Faith (Ever/Never)


  1. The Hunches
    You'll Never Get Away With My Heart b/w Like I Could Die (Almost Ready)
  2. The Intelligence
    Vintage Future (In The Red)
  3. Obnox
    Wiglet (Ever/Never)
  4. Lunchbox
    Smash Hits EP (Jigsaw)
  5. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
    Heavenly Fire (Ba Da Bing!)


  1. Secret Pyramid
    The Silent March/Movements Of Night (Students Of Decay)
  2. Jackson C. Frank
    The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
  3. Pigeon Religion
    Warm Insides (Gilgongo)
  4. Pedestrian Deposit
    The Architector (Monorail Tresspassing)
  5. Christina Carter
    L'Etolle de Mer (Emerald Cocoon)


  1. Ultimate Painting
    Green Lanes (Trouble In Mind)
  2. Legendary Shack Shakers
    The Southern Surreal (Alternative Tentacles)
  3. Royal Headache
    High (What's Your Rupture)
  4. Golden Void
    Berkana (Thrill Jockey)
  5. Sea Of Bees
    Build A Boat To The Sun (Self-Released)