Public Affairs

KDVS has a wide array of hosts who go in depth on topic like science, religion, psychology, politics, agriculture, art, technology, and culture . Please feel free to contact the email addresses below with information on topics and interviews. Please DO NOT: solicit interviews more than once, put these emails on lists for mass news updates without consulting the owners first, or send irrelevant messages. Praise and comments are welcome, but please use your discretion, and don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.

Show Host Show Description E-Mail
All That’s Left Doubled Big picture issues with the local connection, current affairs banter, and relevant music.
In a Heartbeat Chloe A collaborative effort among medical professionals and those pursuing the medical career, telling stories from research, health care, history, and advancement.
This Week in Science Dr. Kirsten Sanford and Justin Jackson Detailing and discussing major issues in the sciences. From solar systems to microcosms, hear both cutting edge and controversial topics brought to an accessible level. More info at and
Stages Enrique Ybarra I want to evolve my previous show, Your Past Protecting Your Future, into something BIGGER. I want people to not only learn about what they can do as an individual to make themselves better but I also want them to know what the world has done to improve their positions on the world stages. The show is called stages because there are stages all over the world that showcase these struggles and in some places the people win, but in others the system overrules. I want to be able to show both and I am very excited to share this with everyone.
An American Atheist Christopher Thielen Panelists discuss news and topics relating to religion and critical thought. more info at
Anarchist Handbook Clay Norris & Brian Moen Political discussions and applying the anarchist ideology to modern society. Opening up opportunities to portray anarchism and socialism as viable and respectable.
Correveydile Juan E. Miranda/ Alexis Patinho This show is a venue for learners of Spanish and the Spanish speaking community with curiosities, interviews, music, and information about Davis and the World.
Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour Dr. Andy Jones Talk about Poetry & Technology with frequent guest authors. Jazz, literature and avant-garde. For more info go to
Radio Parallax Douglas Everett A slightly different perspective from a slightly different view. Science, history, politics, current events, whatever we damn well please. More information at
“Speaking in Tongues” Richard Estes A program featuring social commentary and interviews with people directly involved in struggles related to peace, civil rights, the environment and the workplace. Interviews and opinions, giving voice to the voiceless.