Middle School Friends

Alonely & Brotha Time

look at him


look at him


look at him while he plays for you


look at him


Metal, Noise, Experimental

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Monday 3/29/2010 @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Byard Lancaster inlovingkindness Personal Testimony Porter Records
Four Tet Reversing There Is Love In You Domino Recording Company USA
Robe. Deep Darkening Remains of a Burning World Thor's Rubber Hammer
Honest To Goodness a gaseous speck Live Fedora Corpse
Mucky The Ducky / Hexlove Mucky the Ducky Split Arecord Arts
Enumclaw Harmonic Convergence Opening of the Dawn Honeymoon Music
Beru What would I do without you What Would I Do Without You? Thor's Rubber Hammer
Katherine Young For autonauts for travelers Further Secret Origins Porter Records
Francesco Giannico Blue Lute Folkanization Porter Records
Mr. Pharmacist Virrupt Virrupt Self Released
Windy and Carl Balance (trembling) Consciousness KRanky
Chll Pll Hello woman hello man Aggressively Humble Porter Records
Trayer Vowelic Becoming One Over Zero Porter Records
Dead Meadow At the Edge of the Wood s/t Xemu
Ingrid Don;t tlak just braile me Music Self Released
Beig Sitty Orckestrau heartofoak So Much Cleaner Than A Subway Self Released
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