Unspeakable Cults


The haunting presence of times long past, departed vistas which call longingly to the forlorn.  These are the scenes which are denied forevermore to the sons of man, yet we may imagine them still to be near to us, by the sorcery of icons half-remembered.


After airing, the first part of the show is available through the link to the left.  The second part may be heard here

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KDVS Metal Department
14 Lower Freeborn Hall
Davis, CA


Metal, Metal,Hardcore,Ambient,Spokenword

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Tuesday 4/01/2014 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Artificial Brain Worm Harvester Labyrinth Constellation Profound Lore Brand new elite release of dissonant death in the vein of Ulcerate or Gorguts, but with a catchier approach. 2014.
Nile Defiling the Gates of Ishtar Black Seeds of Vengeance Relapse Classic 2000 release.
Atrophy Forgotten But Not Gone Violent By Nature RC 1990 cult thrash metal release.
Helloween I Want Out Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II Noise Thanks for the request!
Viral Resorting to Cannibalism The Lytic Cycle Preview track from the upcoming (long-anticipated) EP release from this Bay Area technical brutal death metal monster.
Circle of Dead Children Bury The Ill Flock Psalm of the Grand Destroyer Willowtip 2010.
Behemoth The Act of Rebellion Thelema.6 Olympic 2000 classic of blackened death metal, opening our set of metal in that vein.
Wehrwolfe Godless We Stand Godless We Stand Magick 2003 release from the successor to Darkmoon (post-Jon Vesano, who had moved on to Nile).
Akercocke Footsteps Resound in an Empty Chapel Antichrist Earache Final release from the English masters of occult black/death. An essential band. 2007.
Soma Ras Novus Ordo Seclorum Soma Ras EP Self Released 2012 debut EP from this hyperspeed black/death metal band of surprising origin (members of Conducting From The Grave and Embrace The End). Sacramento act.
The Malefactor Invocation... Pre-Easter egg for the Hessian elite.
Odem Cult of Flesh The Valley of Cut Tongues Daemon Worship Productions One of the most crushing releases of 2013. Russian band.
Lvcifyre Sinister Calling Svn Eater Dark Descent Records The final track from the beginning and end of the current best of 2014 list for The Malefactor.
Minenwerfer On Philosophy and War Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation Mourning the (mostly) departed (probably). Performed live in Studio A on Unspeakable Cults in May of 2012.
Wodensthrone Jormungandr Curse Candlelight Records 2012.
Procession To Reap Heavens Apart To Reap Heavens Apart HR 2013 release of mighty, epic doom.
Twisted Tower Dire The Reflecting Pool Crest of the Martyrs Spiritual Beast 2003.
Atlantean Kodex White Goddess Unveiled The White Goddess 20 Buck Spin Epic doom. 2013.
Hell On Earth As It Is In Hell Human Remains Nuclear Blast Thanks for the request!
Ophiolatry Abyss of Alienation Transmutation Regain Reviewing the last six years of brutal death metal with a pick from each year. 2008's Brazilian standouts.
Embryonic Depravity Constrained By The Miscarriage of Conquest Constrained By The Miscarriage of Conquest Permeated Records Sole release from this punishing UK act. Top-shelf release and a highlight of 2009.
Sodom Nuctemeron Obsessed By Cruelty Metal Blade Thanks for the request!
Entrails Eradicated Collapsible Continuum Viralocity Self Released 2010 release from Australia. In the vein of such ultra-technical brutality as Viraemia.
Indecent Excision Compulsive Consumption of Rotten Entrails Deification of the Grotesque Grindethic Records 2011 powerhouse of Italian brutal death.
Chordotomy Hostile Annihilation The Precious Ideal Rotten Roll Rex 2012 German slam.
Abhorration Viral Eradication Abhorration New Standard Elite 2013 standout featuring Robbe from Disavowed on session vocals. The New Standard in Sickness.
Cauldron Born By This Axe I Rule ...And Rome Shall Fall Underground Symphony Cult epic heavy/power metal.
Nasheim Att Av Odets Tradar Vava Sorg Solens Vemod Northern Silence 2014 Swedish black metal.