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Monday 3/24/2014 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Healing Potpourri Shiverering Hands Touching Fingers The Way Water Bends Light KDVS Recordings
Bill Baird Skull Castle Decorator Diamond Eyepatch Moon Glyph
Clawhammer I Think I Heard a Sound I Think I Heard A Sound Wee Rock
Circuit Des Yeux Nova Overdue Ba Da Bing
Edibles Dune BUggy Other Minds Meet Inner Space DNT
Dwight Twilley Band Burnin Sand Shark b/w Burnin' Sand HoZac
The Frowning Clouds 3 Oclock Habit Whereabouts Anti Fade/Saturno
Fine Steps All the TIme All Day Long Volar
Peter Sarstedt Where do you go to (my lovely)
Peter Sarstedt Where do you go to (my lovely)
The People's Temple Crimson Rose Musical Garden HoZac
Radar Eyes Positive Feedback Positive Feedback HoZac
The Yolks $2 Out the Door $2 Out The Door b/w Pretty Thing Randy
Dog Bite Royals Tranquilizers Car Park
Damaged Bug SS Cassidinea Hubba Bubba Castle Face
Patrick Cowley He's LIke Your School Daze Dark Entries