Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer

all Ukranian bands tonight



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Saturday 3/15/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Ulvegr In Bloody Spume Arctogaia Musical Hall
U-235 Brownian Motion of Biomass Time... Judicium of the Last Church self released
Total Angels Violence Determination Death to Death Dark East Productions
The Rustling Of Leaves Reverence Reverence and Meanness Satanarsa Records
The Misanthropic Apathy Rolling in the Mud Escort by Nights Depressive Illusions Records
Symuran Under the Runes of the Sun Syklus Av Helheim Metal Scrap Records
Swjatoslaw König Hymne der Misantropie Hymne der Misantropie Depressive Illusions Records
Somnia Empty Stream of Being Above Space and Time Hidden Marly Production
Shadows Ground Dance of the Ashes Phantom of Dead Star Omega Productions
Screaming Forest Jesus=Whore Jesus=Whore More Hate Productions
Semargl Renunciation of God Attack on God Deathgasm Records
Drudkh Only the Wind Remembers My Name Estrangement Supernal Music
Profane Solitude Единство Пробуждение в пустоте Morbid Winter Records
Nosce Teipsum Absence of Light Riders of Human Death Metal Throne Productions
Nocturnal Amentia Lash of Hate Necromentia Zyklon-B Productions
Myrkvids Draumar Ode to the Great Liar Forest's Revenge Breath Vacula Productions