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//highlights:old school zola jesus, leather strip, victrola, the invisible sundial, dark entries record label showcase 


Alternative, International, Garage, Punk, Electronic

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Wednesday 3/05/2014 @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Zola Jesus Dog Poor Sons Die Stasi
Paul Nelson A2. Vortex 1 Vortex Medical
Max & Mara A2. No One Less Ness Dark Entries
Leather Strip Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival Teenage Demos Dark Entries
Victrola A. Maritime Tatami Maritime Tatami Dark Entries
Leather Strip B1. Dreaming (second version) Teenage Demos Dark Entries
Inhalt Panopticon Occupations Dark Entries
Folkazoid A. IV self-titled EP Sacred Bones
The Invisible Sundial A Coin's Heads Up Four Years In August
Battles Africastle Gloss Drop Warp