Thursday 1/01/1970 @ 12:00AM - 12:00AM
Bailterspace X Vortura Flying Nun
The Mondo Crescendo Spaceship Terrific Get Faded
Horowitz That's Deceit
Never Mind Sundays On the Right Track
Shampoo Tears Frozen Weekend
Tree Fort Angst Tilting at Windmills
Scissor Fits I Don't Want to Work for British Airways No More
The Bats Treason
Plateaus The District
Taste of Honey A Postcard From You
Disco Boys Born Yesterday
Makthaverskan Slowly Sinking
The Pilgrims Chemically Yours
Night Flowers Embers
The Sun Days Don't Need to Be Them
The Airfields Quiet Nights in June
Fudge Drive
Small World First Impressions
The Groovy Cellar Emily Jones
Perfect Kiss So Many Alike
Sun Orange The World The World Bent
Ali Kohler Not Like Me Not Like Me Art Is Hard
MacGuffins Rich Together Rich Together Dex
Slothrust Juice Of Course You Do Ba Da Bing
Tacocat Leotard Shame Spiral Don't Stop Believin'
Nacho Business I Wanna Talk to You Nacho Business Phono Select Records
Nacho Business Hearing This Song Nacho Business Phono Select Records
Jesterbells Flowers
Max Eider My Other Life
Murrumbridge Whalers Giving Way to Trains
The Spinning Jennys Supermarine
Silver Screen Really No Wonder
Japan Air
Red Dye No. 5 Green Ranch
Bill Wells Lemonade