Unspeakable Cults


Arising from massacres untold, resplendent in terrible glory, The Malefactor's cruel mark is upon the land.  His bloody-handed avatar is but an omen of what awaits humanity below, the mouth of flame... 
Slowly crossing as the river runs below
Never stopping for what's waiting soon will show
And this the last time looking back I'll see my home
For he awaits me reaching for my soul

He calls my name and waves me on
The fallen one he stands in flame
 After airing, the first hour will be available to stream from the link below. To listen to part two of the show, use this link

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here.

Bands and labels, submit your music for airplay to:
KDVS Metal Department 
14 Lower Freeborn Hall 
Davis, CA 95616 



Ambient, Spoken Word, Metal, Hardcore

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Tuesday 2/25/2014 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Heathen Goblin's Blade Breaking the Silence / Pray for Death Combat Kicking things off with a little nod to the old school.
Mitochondrion 137 (Mors Formulae) Antinumerology Dark Descent Punishing 2013 EP.
Hate Eternal Dethroned Conquering the Throne Wicked World/Earache Far and away the best Hate Eternal album. One of its standout tracks.
Lvcifyre In Fornication Waters Svn Eater Dark Descent Records Another masterful cut from this brilliant 2014 release.
Nekromantheon Rise, Vulcan Spectre Rise, Vulcan Spectre Indie Recordings 2012 standout of retro, brutal thrash.
Larry David Second-Hand Semen Grind Your Enthusiasm The Nutzz Records Thanks for the request!
Iron Maiden Afraid To Shoot Strangers Fear of the Dark EMI Thanks for the request!
Meshiha Vomit Forth Blood Molesting the Decapitated - Zombie Edition 2 Track Promo Corpse Gristle 2013 promo.
Inquisition Where Darkness Is Lord and Death the Beginning Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season of Mist Bonus track from the special edition of the 2013 release.
Gorguts Hideous Infirmity The Erosion of Sanity Roadrunner 1993 masterpiece.
Judas Iscariot Benevolent Whore, Dethroned For Eternity Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten Red Stream 2000. Debut of Cryptic Winter on drums for Judas Iscariot.
Scatorgy Degeneracy Scatorgy New Standard Elite 2013 ultra brutal death metal from the UK.
Griffin Hawk The Slayer Flight of the Griffin Old Metal Records Thanks for the request!
Heidevolk Hengist en Horsa De Strijdlust is Geboren Napalm
Hammerfall Legacy of Kings Legacy of Kings Nuclear Blast COMMENCE THE WHINING
The Gates of Slumber Ice Worm Conqueror Profound Lore RIP.
Armored Saint Glory Hunter March of the Saint Chrysalis 1984 sickness on blessed wax.
Satan Another Universe Life Sentence Listenable 2013.
Black Sabbath The Law Maker Tyr IRS 1990.
Kommandant Downfall The Draconian Archetype ATMF Thanks for the request!
Animals Killing People Mad Monkey Surgery AKP vs Andromorphus Rexalia Sevared 2012 split.
Coprocephalic Inhuman Neurosis Gluttonous Chunks Inherited Suffering 2013 slam.
Deus Mortem Receving The Impurity of Jeh Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions Perhaps my favorite track from last year.
Thunderbolt The One Who Sleeps The Burning Deed of Deceit ISO666 Masterful Polish black metal from the abyss. 2003.
Behemoth Furor Divinus The Satanist Metal Blade Reasonably decent 2014 release.
Grand Magus Blackmoon Triumph and Power Nuclear Blast 2014 release!
Omen Die By The Blade Battle Cry Metal Blade Reaching back thirty years.
Solstice I Am The Hunter Death's Crown Is Victory Self Released Majestic 2013 EP.
Candlemass Demon's Gate Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Black Dragon Records
Decomposition Averse Lucidity Organ Harvest Self Released 2010.
Omnihility Unsummoned Biogenesis Butchered Portland extreme technical brutal death metal.
Manowar Warriors of the World United Warriors of the World Metal Blade Hail to all you fellow Manowarriors!