Born to Hula


Contrary to what the photo may suggest, I won't be playing the hour long song "Dopesmoker" in full. Another time.




Metal, Rock

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Monday 2/24/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Fever Dog The Great Tree Second Wind Self-Released Album out this year.
Earthless Equus October From The Ages Tee Pee Records
Earthless Cherry Red Rythms From A Cosmic Sky Tee Pee Records
Liquid Visions Moonspell From The Cube FünfUndVierzig
Spanish Moss Witch Rings Kelp Spot-On Sound
Dead Meadow Beyond The Fields We Know Dead Meadow Xemu Records
True Widow Sunday Driver True Widow End Sounds
Electric Moon The Inner Part You Can See The Sound Of Sulatron Records
Glowsun Green Sun, Sick World The Sundering Buzzville Records
Sleep Aquarian Sleep's Holy Mountain Earache Records
Wiht Orderic Vitalis The Harrowing Of The North Self-Released
The Sword The Horned Goddess Age Of Winters Kemado Records
Rainbows Are Free Burn And Die Waves Ahead Of The Ocean Guestroom Records
Purple Dino Baby Burn Me Down Demosaurus Self-Released
This Is Nowhere Bateman's Late Night Shift Tune On, Tune Down, Drop D Nasoni Records
Elephant Riders End Of The Road Supernova Paralysis Records