Kicksville 29 B.C.

Tim Matranga

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Sunday 2/16/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Mel Dorsey I Ain't Gonna Take It No More Orbit Sound Eugene OR lbl rockabilly
Piano Slim Squeezing Dart
Carter Brothers Do the Flo Show Jewel
Little Buster I Got a Good Thing Going Jubilee
Rosco Gordon Booted Rockin Memphis
Sonny Burgess Red Headed Woman Sun 1956 rbilly Sun 247
Bo Diddley Down Home Special Checker
Clarence Ashe If I Could Only Lie J&S
Ben & Spence Get It Over Atlantic 1968
New Young Hearts Young Hearts Get Lonley Too Soultown
George & Greer To Me It's Storming The Stars of Goldwax 7 UK Ace unissued til 2009
Toussaint McCall I'm Undecided Jewel-Paula-Ronn Outta Site on Nothing Takes the Place of You LP
Dee Dee Sharp There Ain't Nothing I Wouldn't Do Cameo
Della Reese I Got the Blues I Gotta Be Me... This Trip Out ABC
Kinks Sittin' On My Sofa Reprise b/w Dedicated Follower ...
Throb Black Before Birdmen Flew ser Australia 60s
Bojax "Hippie" Times Panther flip Go Ahead and Go
9th Street Market You're Gone Scream Loud Michigan: Fenton Records Story
Outsiders Afraid of the Dark Outsiders Relax
Zombies Call of the Night Zombies 66 UK Big Beat
Bachs Minister to Mind Diseased Out of the Bachs R Time Lag
Traveling Salesmen Days of My Years RCA Victor
Brogues I Ain't No Miracle Worker Challenge
Chancellors 5 Minus 3 Fenton Story
Sounds Unlimited Nobody But You ABC-Paramount
David Mitchell Ogden Feeling High UK Big Beat Ardent late 60s Memphis
Donovan The Enchanted Gypsy The Little Ones Epic
Euphoria No Me Tomorrow With Love A Pot of Flowers BB
Black Diamonds Not This Time
Group 1850 Mother No Head Mother No Head Pseudonym Their 45s
Mayyors Metro Marines Dot Com Waste of Oil
Habibi Sunsets Habibi Burger
Habibi Habibi Burger
Dead Western The Old Times Everything, Eternally Discorporate
Ethel Azama Green Fire Exotic Dreams Liberty
Linda Perhacs Chimacum Rain Parallelograms Kapp also Re'd
The New Age (with Pat Kilroy) All Around (Adagio) All Around RE RD rec'd 1967
Eden Ahbez The Wanderer Eden's Island Del-Fi
Cave Slow Bern Threace Drag City