Destroy All Monsters

DJ Foxworthy

GETTING THE ACT TOGETHER- A show is bumped that finally does the genre justice in full.



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Wednesday 1/29/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Maroon Town City Riot Ska For Ska's Sake Dojo Limited 1989
Dr. Raju You've Been Saying Cuts Deep 1996
Unsteady The Cost Tightrope Immune 1996
The Slackers Mr. Trajedy The Great Rocksteady Swindle Hellcat 2010
Thumper Blind Justice Ska- the 3rd Wave, Volume II Shanachie 1996
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Family Tree Answer Cutting Edge 2005
Skavoovie & the Epitones Nut Monkey Fat Footin' Moon 1995
The Untouchables Mandingo A Decade of Dance LIVE Restless 1990
The Toasters Decision at Midnight Thrill Me Up Moon 1988
Offbeatniks Fly Away 12 Raj 1997
The Selector Die Happy Pucker! Dojo Limited 1995
Slackers You Don't Know I Better Late Than Never Moon 1996
The Scofflaws Guru ST Moon 1991
The Porkers Buds for Brains Grunt! Moon 1995
Slapstick the Park Skankin' in the Pit Hopeless 1997
The Pietasters Out All Night Willis Hellcat 1997
Easy Big Fella Regular Guy Eat at Joey's Moon 1997
Skanic Czar Last Call Moon 1998
Skarface Scooter Run Sex, Scooters & Rock'n'Roll NOCO 1995
InXS The Gift The Gift The Town House 1993
The Planet Smashers Gotta Get Away... ST Stomp 1995
Potshot Under the Blue Sky Pots and Shots Asian Man 1997
Skolars Head First, Feet First Skolars Jump Up 1997