Airwave Pollution

Mr. Frankly

Mr. Frankly back again with mucho new stuff to play for you tonight, maybe you will like some of it....?


 Be sure to listen to Rock n' Roll Calamity Janie on next week at this very time!!  She'll rock your socks off!



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Wednesday 1/22/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Yusef Lateef Psychicemotus Psychicemotus Impluse 1965
Yusef Lateef Robbie A Flat, G Flat And C Impluse 1966
Yusef Lateef Psyche Rose A Flat, G Flat And C RIP 12/23/2013
Ryley Walker The West Wind Ryley Walker EP Tompkins Square New
The Louvin Brothers You'll Be Rewarded Over There The Louvin Brothers (Ira and Charles) Rounder Originally Released on MGM 1957
Wander Underwater Carnival Short Story Collection Vol.1 Headless Queen New
The Night Terrors Human Hair Back To Zero Homeless New
The Night Terrors The Dream Eater Back To Zero Homeless
ShoutLand Life Unwinds Slowly Phog Masheen Love Earth Music New
The Stickmen 7000 The Stickmen Homeless New 12
The Stickmen Without A Clue The Stickmen Homeless
The Stickmen Field Man Made Stars Homeless
The Stickmen Maps Of Places Man Made Stars Homeless
The Moles Tendrils and Paracentamol Untune the Sky Kill Shaman Re-release from 2010/ orig rel 1991 (Seaside Records)
The Insults Population Zero Population Zero Last Laugh New 7
POW! Verticle Slum Hi-Tech Boom Castle Face
POW! Sugi Walks Hi-Tech Boom Castle Face
Sulphur Lights Nothing Cowboy Self Released New
Sulphur Lights Beat You Up Cowboy Self Released
Missing Monuments Blast! Blast! Slovenly New
Lovely Legs Broad Daylight Broad Daylight Swashbuckling Hobo Records
Lovely Legs On My Knees Broad Daylight Swashbuckling Hobo Records
The Frowning Clouds All Angles Whereabouts Anti Fade/Saturno New 12
Nathan Roche Serafina Watch It Warf Fartpound New 12
The Yolks $2 Out The Door $2 Out The Door b/w Pretty Thing Randy New 7
New Coke Duct Tape Your Mouth Duct Tape Your Mouth Black Gladiator/Slovenly New 7
Cuntz Third World Attitude Solid Mates Homeless New 12
PYPY Pagan Day Pagan Day Black Gladiator/Slovenly New 12
The Zingers Million Dollar Chump The Zingers MILLION DOLLAR New 12
Sewers Grease My Chain Hoisted Homeless New 12
The Traps Boom Pow Awesome Wow Boom Pow Awesome Wow Castle Face New