The Living Dead at Davis

Monsterella & KayVee & Doctor Captinn

For hanging out with the White Witch.

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Saturday 1/25/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Esthero Wikkid Lil Girls Wikked Lil Grrrls Reprise Records 2005
Grimes Oblivion Visions 4ad Records 2012
Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch Witching Hour Netwerk Records 2011
Ayria My Revenge on the World My Revenge on the World Alfa Matrix Records 2005
Monica Richards Death is the Ultimate Woman InfraWarriors Mercy Ground Records 2007
Jill Tracy Pulling Your Insides Out Diabolical Streak CDBY Records 2011
Daughter Darling Voodoo Games Sweet Shadows Plain Jane Records 2003
Switchblade Symphony Wicked The Three Calamities Cleopatra Records 1999
Collide Frozen Chasing the Ghost Noiseplus Music 2000
Postishead Hunter Third Mercury Records 2008
Within Temptation Frozen The Heart of Everything Roadrunner Records 2007
Lunascape Tears From the Moon Reminiscence Dancing Ferret Records 2005
Chairlift Cool as a Fire Something Colombia Records 2012
Tori Amos Winter Single Atlantic Records 1992
The Knife Forest Families Silent Shout Mute Records 2006
Jakalope Pretty Life It Dreams The Orange Record Label 2004
Kidneythieves Dead Girl Walking Trypt0fanatic Red Sleeve Music 2010
Chiasm Cold Disorder Cop International Records 2001
Free Dominguez Wicked Times Unearth Red Sleeve Music 2012
The Blanche Hudson Weekend Only Snow Reverence, Severence And Spite Squirrel Records 2010
Poly Styrene Trick of the Witch Single Big Boy Big Toy Records 1985
Astrud Gilberto Black Magic Bossa Nova Queen Producciones Records
The Rattles The Witch Single Decca Records 1970
Genitorturers Lecher Bitch Flesh is the Law Retribution Music 2007
M83 In the Cold I'm Standing Black Heaven Naive Records 2010
The Liars Broken Witch They Were Wrong So We Drowned Mute Records 2004