Kicksville 29 B.C.

Tim Matranga

Welcome to a brand new quarter and a new year here at KDVS.


Tonight, we'll start out with a tribute to the recently passed Phil Everly of the legendary Everly Brothers, and focus in on some favorites from the 'Two Yanks in England' era 

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Sunday 1/05/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Everly Brothers Problems Cadence
Everly Brothers Kiss Your Man Goodbye Two Yanks in England Warner
Everly Brothers Somebody Help Me Two Yanks Warner
Everly Brothers Muskrat Warner 1961,
Everly Brothers Signs That Will Never Change Warner LP
Everly Brothers You're the One I Love Warner
Everly Brothers Like Every Time Before Warner
Everly Brothers T for Texas Roots Warner 7 Arts
Everly Brothers I Wonder If I Care As Much late 60s rerecording of the
Everly Brothers Have You Ever Loved Somebody
Everly Brothers That's Too Good to Be True late 50s
Everly Brothers Lay it Down Pass the Chicken & Listen
Everly Brothers So Sad Warner
Everly Brothers Hard Hard Year Two Yanks Warner
Everly Brothers Devoted to You Warner
Everly Brothers I'm Tired of Singin' My Song in Las Vegas Stories We Could Tell RCA
Everly Brothers Living too Close to the Ground Roots W7
Everly Brothers Take a Message to Mary Fabulous Style of ... Cadence 1957
Everly Brothers Jezebel
Everly Brothers Love of My Life
Everly Brothers Christmas Eve Can Kill You Stories We Could Tell RCA
Everly Brothers Should We Tell Him
Everly Brothers The Collector
Everly Brothers Lord of the Manor UK Warner originally
Basement Wall You Incedible Sound Collectables Baton Rouge
What-Nots I Need You Baby Attack of the Jersey Teens Bona Fide
Cargoe Feel Alright Thank You Friends Big Beat
Mortimer Decidated Music Man Mortimer Philips
Basement Wall Here Comes the Queen
Nico I'm Not Sayin' Immediate 1965 UK
Hollies Stop Right There Evolution
Maffitt / Davies Yankee Dollar The Rise and Fall of Honesty Capitol nice SSW odd Capitol LP
Bow Street Runners Electric Star Bow Street Runners R Sundazed
Honey, Ltd Silk N' Honey Complete LHI Recordings R Light in the Attic rare girl LHI LP
Eve Anyone Who Had a Heart Lee Hazlewood Box LHI post-Honey Ltd
Them Waltz of the Flies Time Out! Time In For Them R Rev-Ola post-Van era
Ray Woolf & the Avengers Little Things That Happen RE 7 NZ late 60s
TIME Preparation G / Leavin' My Home Smooth Ball Liberty 2nd LP, post-Hartimes, LA grp
Shadows of Knight Under Acoustic Control feat Follow/Alone/Shake Super K