Unspeakable Cults


Malaise is the reward for gazing overlong into the failures of the past.  Angst can not tell the magnitude of anguish which those distraught yearners will bear as witnesses to the design of the evil one.  The Malefactor is both Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, the creator and master.  Unspeakable Cults closes the old year and opens the new one to herald a new epoch...

Tonight, in the last of this quarter's series of epic retrospectives, 1983 and 1998 are reflected upon as we bookend the years 2013 and 2014.  Truly, Unspeakable Cults is a force that has come to define KDVS to so great an extent that it must close the current year and usher in the next.

 UPDATE: As the Defenestrator was stricken by a mighty plague and could not attend to his usual time slot following Unspeakable Cults, The Malefactor has stepped in to provide another two hours of misery.

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Metal, Hardcore, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Tuesday 12/31/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Emperor Alsvartr (The Oath) Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Century Opening the final show of KDVS's year and the definitive statment on heavy metal - nay, all - music.
Emperor Ye Entrancemperium Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Century Perhaps the greatest song in the history of black metal? Opinionated Malefactor says yes.
Lvcifyre Husk of Impurity The Calling Depths Pulverised Masterful 2011 debut from this black/death act featuring members of Necrosadist.
Crom Unchain The Hero Vengeance Pure Steel No apologies for the cheese.
Dementor Enslave the Weak Enslave the Weak Blasphemous Slovak death metal attack from 2001.
Sxuperion Unholy Pyramid Towers Inverted Goat Orifice e.p. Bloody Mountain 2013.
Necrotic Disgorgement Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction Documentaries of Dementia Comatose 2013 return from the Ohio brutal death metal quintet.
Mercyful Fate Doomed By The Living Dead The Beginning (from the Mercyful Fate EP) Rave-On Opening the 1983 retrospective: technically late 1982, but I'm grandfathering it into the 1983 repertoire as a stand-in for the Melissa album.
Saxon Warrior Power & The Glory Carrere Unfairly-maligned Saxon classic that showcased the band's turn towards a more true metal sound with none of the decline of their subsequent material, this song being one of the highlights.
Savatage Sirens Sirens Par Showcasing the heavier and darker early sounds from the band, an album ahead of its time without pushing the envelope of extremity, but by its novelty.
Exciter Under Attack Heavy Metal Maniac Shrapnel 1983 debut from the Canadian speed metal pioneers and one of the Canadian standouts, along with Razor.
Manowar Secret of Steel Into Glory Ride Geffen The greatest track in the band's discography - which many would take for damning with faint praise - but a great one by any standard. This album furthered the trend into epic metal from the end of Battle Hymns.
Raven All For One All For One Neat UK classic that bridged the gap between NWOBHM and speed/thrash, and one of the bands that took Metallica under their "wing" for their first major tour.
Bolzer Entranced By The Wolfshook Aura Iron Bonehead Thanks for the request!
Svartidaudi The Perpetual Nothing Flesh Cathedral Terratur Possessions From the anthropodermic biblioteque of Arioch. Abbreviated special mix!
Lurker of Chalice Spectre as Valkerie Is Lurker of Chalice Total Holocaust See above. Sole full-length effort to circumvent contractual obligations to Moribund Records.
Loss Cut-Up,Depressed and alone Life Without Hope Death Without Reason Death Gasm 2004.
Belphegor Paradise Regained Lucifer Incestus Napalm Thanks for the request!
Dawn The Knell and the World Slaughtersun Necropolis Launching of inventory of 1998
Incantation United In Repungence [sic] Diabolical Conquest Relapse Their finest hour, featuring the unique and obscure talents of The Chasm's Daniel Corchado on bass and vocals.
Dying Fetus Killing On Adrenaline Killing On Adrenaline Relapse Their first collaboration with Kevin Talley and their most classic effort, one which considerably ramped up the speed from Purification Through Violence and advanced the cause of extremity in death metal in 1998.
Angelcorpse Christhammer Exterminate Osmose Breakout release from Helmkamp, Palubicki, Longstreth, and Taylor, all of whom would go on to important acts even after the unfortunate dissolution of this band.
Borknagar Nocturnal Vision The Archaic Course Century A fantastic and unique performance from ICS Vortex marked his appearance on the scene and the further embrace of a majestic, progressive metal style. Barring the jarring and dispensable Ad Noctum, this album is an utter masterpiece.
Aeternus Ild Dans ...And So The Night Became Hammerheart Another underrated entry from Bergen, Norway, this time the second part in the masterful Aeternus triptych that started their career before a descent into shallow mediocrity.
Ascension Angel of the Burning Sun Consolamentum World Terror Committee Undoubtedly one of the top releases of 2011, pick courtesy of Arioch.
Mgla Further Down the Nest I Further Down the Nest Todeskult Continuing Arioch's set.
Arizmenda Endless Hunger and Pain... the Need To Feed Without Circumference Nor Center Crepusculo Negro Another from Arioch.
Ayat Such a Beautiful Day! (The exaltation of Saint Francis) Six Years Of Dormant Hatred Moribund For Bruna in Sao Paulo.
Chaos Invocation Beyond Coming Black Mirror Hours World Terror Committee 2013.
Edge of Sanity Elegy Purgatory Afterglow Black Mark Thanks for the request!
Thyrfing Digerdoden Vansinnesvisor Hammerheart 2002.
Heidevolk Saksenland Walhalla Wacht Napalm
Summoning Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes Stronghold Napalm Traveling back to Middle Earth for this one...
Primordial The Darkest Flame Imrama (re-issue) Metal Blade
Wodensthrone Heofungtid Loss Bindrune Recordings 2009.
Wardruna IwaR Runaljod - Yggdrassil Indie/Fumbulljodh 2013 installation in Kvitrafn's foray into ritualistic music based upon runic esotericism.
Mitochondrion Insummation Antinumerology Dark Descent In what may be a preview of my Best of 2013 list, we peer into Mitochondrion's much-heralded 2013 EP. Will it stand on its own or is this a mere portent for a full-length follow-up to 2011's mighty Parasignosis?
Adversarial/Antediluvian Adversarial - Into The Waning of Twilight's Death Ocean Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries Nuclear War Now Productions Shout-out to Number IV.
Gyibaaw Winter Emissary Ancestral War Hymns Self-Released 2009 release of Tsimshian War Metal from British Columbia.
Oppressor Vulgar Illusions Elements of Corrosion Olympic Final album, 1998.
Suffocation Funeral Inception Despise The Sun Vulture True 1998 masterpiece.
Mithras Tomb of Kings Forever Advancing... Legions Golden Lake 2003 debut, undoubtedly the most brutal of the band's releases.