Staff Paper Project


Some newer music with minimalist influences and other ways to build around a single piece of melodic material. 


Classical, Modern Comp

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Sunday 12/29/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Sarah Neufeld Sprinter Fire Hero Brother Constellation
Ananke Dust Spoke Quietly, Amongst Themselves SBS Records
Michael Harrison tone cloud I Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation Cantaloupe Music
Hauschka Paddington Room to Expand Fatcat This one's really fun and pop-like. All of these sounds come from prepared piano.
Nils Frahm Peter is dead in the piano The Bells Kning Disk "at one point I was even inside the piano, laying on the strings, asking him to make a song called >>Peter is dead in the piano<<."
Hauschka La Dilletante Room to Expand Fatcat An osstinato in the strings with high piano sparks around it.
Agencement 1 Viosphere Pico
Reinbolt, Brian Canon It's Not That Simple Artifact Recordings
Drew Baker National Anthem Stress Position New Focus Recordings
Daniel Lippel Sustenance Variations Sustenance New Focus Recordings by Orianna Webb.
The Philadelphia Orchestra Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta: I. Andante tranquillio Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta; The Miraculous Mandarin - Suite Capitol
Aaron Copland Piano Variations works for piano 1926-1948 New World It's a pretty old, hissy record, but it's always cool to hear a composer play his/her own stuff!
Philip Glass Mad Rush for organ Glass Box Nonesuch
Sarah Neufeld Dirt Hero Brother Constellation
Uakti Mapa Mapa Point Music