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Night-ish music.  And Atmospheres later (sweeeeeeeeet!).


Classical, Modern Comp

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Sunday 12/22/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
alchemical rowdies Cretaceous Insect Festival trans-idio Trqans Museq
Sakamoto, Ryuichi Owl Love is the Devil Asphodel
Philip Blackburn Draw On, Sweet Night Ghostly Psalms Innova Choral music with some electronic (ghostly?) effects.
Einojuhani Rautavaara Evening Hymn Missa A Cappella Ondine
company 4 Abandoned 2 company 4 Incus Free improvisation with soprano saxophone and electric guitar
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble Guarana Eternal Interlude Sunnyside
Three Day Moon three day moon 4 Live at Hall Egg Farm Sparkling Beatnik
Krieger, Jeffrey Night Chains Night Chains Composers Recordings Inc. Composed ny Doug Knehans
Sharp, Matt The Ghost Violin Matt Sharp In Music We Trust
Krieger, Jeffrey Shadows and Light Night Chains Composers Recordings Inc.
R Murray Schaefer String Quartet No. 10 "Winter Birds" String Quartets 8-12 ATMA Classique Evocative of a winter night and morning on the composer's farm in central Ontario.
New York Philharmonic Atmospheres A morphing cloud of sound. If you liked it, I recommend listening again! Here's a very helpful visual: Let's talk about how perfect that moment at 4:24 is.
Tcherepnin, Ivan Night Idyll Flores Musicales / Five Songs / Santur Live! CRI