Sunburn subbing in for Mtnear, playing Stoner/Psych/Metal. I've been doing a "Wolves and Witches" theme since 4am, and while I thought it was going to end at 6, I got some requests and have been adding on and letting it grow longer. Once I run out of songs I'll just be playing some of my favorites. 


Trip Hop, Downtempo, Electronic, Jazz

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Monday 12/23/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Plainride Black Wolves Return Of The Jackalope (Unknown)
Gesso A Witch Peeking Through The Trees Howling Grace Self-Released
Twin Wolf Green Rose S/T EP Self-Released
Orange Goblin The Bishop's Wolf A Eulogy For The Damned Candlelight Records
Heeler Iron Wolf (Unknown) (Unknown)
Doctor Smoke Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram) Demo Self-Released
Witch Charmer Worlds Burning (Inside The Fire) Euphoric Curse Self-Released
Blackwitch Pudding Swampgas Of The Nevermizer Taste The Pudding Self-Released
Melvins At The Stake Stoner Witch Atlantic
Liquid Visions Morning Rain Hypnotized Sysyphus Records
Sungrazer Common Believer Sungrazer Elektrohasch Shallplatten
Radio Moscow No Good Woman Brain Cycles Alive Records
Blues Pills Little Sun Bliss EP Crusher Records
Sahara Surfers Mass Crashing Sonar Pilot Sound Zero
Vista Chino Carnation Peace Napalm Records
Kyuss 100* Welcome To Sky Valley Elektra
Masters Of Reality She Got Me Sunrise On The Sufferbus Chrysalis
Brant Bjork Beautiful Powers Local Angel Duna
Queens Of The Stone Age Spiders And Vinegaroons Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age Split Man's Ruin Records
Dead Meadow Heaven Shivering King And Others Matador Records