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Wednesday 12/18/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Omnium Gatherum The Unknowing Beyond Lifeforce
Judas Priest Heavy Metal Ram it Down Columbia 1988 release
Fuck Buttons Hidden XS Slow Focus ATP Recordings The third full-length release by London electronic duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin Power.
Starkey Synchronize Orbits Civil Music The third full-length release from Philadelphia electronic music producer Starkey
The Contortionist Exoplanet I: Egress Exoplanet Goodfight
TesseracT Of Mind: Nocturn Altered State Century Media 2013 self-produced release by the British progressive-metal band TesseracT
Consider the Source (Good Point) Wandering Bear Are You Watching Closely? Independent Release 2009 release by New York-based fusion trio.
Thank You Scientist My Famed Disappearing Act Maps of Non-Existent Places Independent Release 2012 release by New Jersey progressive rock septet Thank You Scientist
West of Sunset A for an Effort Self-Titled EP Independent Release Awesome song by the now-disbanded Sacramento group West of Sunset.
Protest the Hero Mist Volition Independent Release 2013 crowdfunded release by the Canadian progressive-metal band.
Daft Punk Instant Crush Random Access Memories Columbia The latest single from Daft Punk's latest album. A good choice in my opinion.
Gorguts An Ocean of Wisdom Colored Sands Season of Mist The first release from Gorguts since 2001.
Julia Wolfe Big Beautiful Dark and Scary Bang on a Can All-Stars: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary Cantaloupe Written in the wake of 9/11, the composer felt that this is how life had become.
Amia Venera Landscape Empire The Long Procession Independent Release My favorite Italian post-hardcore band!
Amia Venera Landscape A New Aurora The Long Procession Independent Release The best, the best, the best, the best....
Deafheaven Dream House Sunbather Deathwish 2013 release combining elements of Black Metal, Shoegaze, Screamo, and Post-Rock. Lyrically, it was partially inspired by the singer growing up with his mother and brother without any money and wondering what it'd be like to have it.
Deafheaven Irresistible Sunbather Deathwish