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Maggie Cat

The airbreaks are terrible, but the music is still great!


Electronic, Rock, Pop

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Monday 12/16/2013 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Andy Human The One Freeze Chrome Waves Radio
Males Over and Out Run Run Run​/​MalesMalesMales Fishrider
Dwight Twilley Band Shark Shark b/w Burnin' Sand HoZac
Orca Team Vancouver B.C. Let It Go Self Released
Spectrals You Don't Have to Tell Me Bad Penny Slumberland
Tonics, The Distance Pop Go The Tonics Self-Released
Lawrence Arabia Apple Pie Bed Chant Darling Bella Union
Sparrow Late Last Night The Early Years Absolutely Kosher
The Garlands Weakness is Your Pose The Garlands Shelflife
Bedroom Walls Kathy in Her Bedroom All Good Dreamers Pass This Way Baria
The Virgin Whore Complex Revolver Stay Away From My Mother Emperor Norton
Las Vegas Club Improbable Snow Alien & Starship Specifications Self-Released
Francois Virot Not the One Yes or No Frenetic
Karl Blau Nothing In the Way Nature's Got Away K Records
Benji Hughes Neighbor Down the Hall A Love Extreme New West
David Lynch Are You Sure The Big Dream Sacred Bones
Son Lux Easy Lanterns