Dry Heat


The second hour is a tribue to my favorite youtube channel, MrStoneBeliever. He's got an ear for rumbling riffs and juicy melodies. Check him out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrStonebeliever


Artwork is from the album "Remorse" by Indonesian Stoner Rock band The Slave.


Eclectic, Rock

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Friday 12/20/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Leaf Hound Work My Body Growers Of Mushroom Repertoire Records
Baby Woodrose Honalee Third Eye Surgery Bad Afro Records
Captain Murphy I'm A What Captain Murphy BAM
Pride Tiger 56 Days The Lucky Ones EMI Canada
Kamchatka Before Things Get Rough Bury Your Roots GMR Music Group
Masters Of Reality V.H.V. Sunrise On The Sufferbus Capitol Records
Kamchatka Mixed Emotions Kamchatka Self-Released
1000mods Burnt Sleep Liquid Sleep EP Self-Released
1000mods Liquid Sleep Liquid Sleep EP Self-Released
Rebel Radio Blame OZ Vagitus Self-Released
The Slave Dreamer Remorse Bhang Records
Douge Pressured D Go Down Records
The Last Generation Battle Royale Torann Torn Flesh Records
UGH! Sinister Snail The Holy Mountain Of Miracles And Fire Self-Released
Ocelot Omelet Out Of The Frying Pan And Into Another Frying Pan Present In The Dark Eggplant Records
Hungry Hollows Sheep All That Glitters Isn't Gold Self-Released
Weedpecker Berenjena Pipe Weedpecker Self-Released
Mother Mars Spacegirl Steam Machine Museum Pepper Shaker Records
Iron Butterfly Stone Believer Silly Sally Atlantic