Apartment 5

baby d

whatup bros.

it's yr man

baby d

warming yr ass up

with a pre-winter

cold-morning playlist.

rise and shine people.

rise and shine.

- baby d 


Indie, pop, twee, monday morning jams

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Monday 12/16/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Giant Drag We Like the Weather
The Charade 140 Bpm Misery Love Song
The Wedding Present You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends Ideal Guest House
Spent Ready OK
The Candy Darlings Station on a Bridge Corrupt Postman
The Sea Urchins Please Rain Fall
Flowers Never See This Place Again
Dwight Twilley Burnin' Sand
Haywains Shine
The Orchids Between Sleeping and Waking
Let's Wrestle Codeine and Marshmallows
Golden Grrrls Paul Simon
The Pale Saints Colours and Shapes
Christine's Cat Your Love Is
Slushy Candy Candy Randy
Wholebridge Sweet Two Freeways
The Darling Buds Just to Be Seen
Hipflasks Jellyfish
The Monkey Power Trio Downtown Chick
Cove The Castle
Dwight Twilley Band Chance to Get Away Twilley Don't Mind Arista
Guided by Voices The Best of Jill Hives
Guided by Voices I Am a Tree
The Muffs Pacer
The Replacements Achin' to Be
Drive-By Truckers Birthday Boy
Dwight Twilley Band Looking for the Magic
The Frontier Scouts Out of Your Shellf
Electrophonvintage Football Teams
Scared of the Dark Give Me That Feeling
The Union Electric Left at the Side
Luna I Want Everything Lunapark
Males All Up From Here
Cherry Orchard So Blind The Sound of Leamington Spa
R.E.M. Tongue