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How many ways can one use a piano?  And other adventures.


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Sunday 12/15/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Lara Downes Jennifer Higdon: the Gilmore Variation 13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg: Bach Reimagined Tritone Records This album takes inspiration from JS Bach's Goldberg Variations.
Jacob Greenberg Caqpriccioso-luminoso Solitary New Focus Recordings Kurtag wrote Jatekok as a way to overcome writers' block. This is one of the miniatures that make up the piece.
"Blue" Gene Tyranny Intuition Detours Unseen Worlds A contrast to closed, notated musical forms.
Didkovsky/MacLean/Vrtacek All These Fine Ideas Disappearing Flies in the Face of Logic Pogus Productions Digital prepared piano? Music composed on one machiene, sent to another machine, edited, and sent back to the original machine. Similar but different to older processes using analog tape.
Nancarrow, Conlon Studies for Player Piano No. 42 Studies for Player Piano Vol. V Wergo Machines can play some things people can't play. This allows Nancarrow to explore polyrhythmic textures and rapidly-changing meters in his player piano studies.
Didkovsky/MacLean/Vrtacek Piano 3 Flies in the Face of Logic Pogus Productions Steve MacLean took apart an old upright and made music with its separate components. The piece follows a theme and variations sort of approach, with an opening line that varies gradually over time.
Randall, J.K./ Boretz, Benjamin Black/Noise I Open Space 13 Open Space Computer processed piano.
Lukas Foss Capriccio for Cello and Piano Chamber Music New World Records
Isang Yun Gasa New Music for Violin and Piano Mainstream Stereo So scratchy. So great.
Paul Hindemith Quiet, Variations String Quartets 2 Naxos Isang Yun studied with Hindemith!
Cheryl E Leonard a history of insects Fable: A History of Insects Great Hoary Marmot Music
Sult arkb Bark Conradsound I explored double bass two weeks ago, and then I found this. It explores some of the instrument's scratchier sounds and, of course, those lovely harmonics.
James Aikman Call and Response Venice of the North Concerti Naxos Saxophone and orchestra? Saxophones were originally invented to play in symphony orchestras. They could be powerful like brass, but they also had the flexibility to blend with strings and high woodwinds.
Cluade Debussy
Cluade Debussy Rhapsody for Saxophone and Orchestra Claude Debussy Candide Saxophone and orchestra. Unfortunately it didn't really catch on because of various economic reasons. Many composers in the early 20th century refused to write for saxophone. But Debussy didn't, so he's alright.
The Kandinsky Effect Cusba Synesthesia Cuneiform Records Warren Walker on saxophone.
Grace Kelly/Phil Woods Every Time We Say Goodbye Man With The Hat Pazz Productions