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DJ Avon

Classical smooth to sooth your nerves during finals week. We will start with Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky, followed by the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra. After the long play albums we will cue some excerpts by Mahler and then finish todays show with a George Szell and the Clevend Orchestra Symphony records.


Indie rock, electro pop, and left-field hiphop

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Wednesday 12/11/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Columbia Symphony Orchestra Symphony In E-flat, Opus 1 Stravinsky Conducts... Columbia composed in 1905
Sacramento Symphony Orchest Schubert: Sym. No. 8 In B Minor / Tchaikovsky: Romeo And Juliet the Classical Sounds of The City Sinfonia
Boston Symphony Orchestra various Mahler's Greatest Hits RCA
Cleveland Orchestra Symphony various The Spectacular Cleveland Orchestra Symphony, George Szell Columbia