The Prog Rock Palace

DJ Markuss & Curtis Carroll

A show with a little for everyone. New prog from Flower Kings and Airbag balanced with heritage music from early Gentle Giant, Ambrosia, Triumvirat, and Gryphon. Also, a rarity from Tull and space rock from OT and RMO. We'll end the show with an epic from Nathan Mahl (like JT, it's the group name, not a person). 



Progressive rock and jazz

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Saturday 12/14/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Gentle Giant Nothing At All Gentle Giant Vertigo 1970 UK
Ambrosia Drink of Water Ambrosia WB 1975 California
Osanna Cu Vulesse, Ce Vulesse Live 2011 Treefrog 2011 Italy
Osanna/David Jackson Theme One Prog Family Afraka 2009 Italy/UK
Jethro Tull Glory Road War Child bonus track Chrysalis 1974/1999
Release Music Orchestra Zemas Rutan '60s & '70's Acid Flash Purple Pyramid 1974/2013 Germany
Ozric Tentacles Lost In The Sky Paper Monkeys Snapper 2011. US
Lemon Pipers Green Tamborine Best of the Lemon Pipers Buddah 1968. Ohio
Procol Harum Kaliedoscope Procol Harum Deram 1967. UK
Opeth Harvest In Live Concert at Royal Albert Hall Roadrunner 2010 Sweden
Gryphon Checkmate Red Queen To Gryphon Three Talking Elephant 1974/2007. UK
Flower Kings Dark Fascist Skies Desolation Rose Inside Out 2013. Sweden
Triumvirat The March To The Eternal City Spartacus Capitol 1975. Germany
Airbag White Walls All Rights Removed Karisma 2013 Norway
Nathan Mahl Of Longing, Suitors, Dieties, and Quests Odyssey Musea 2009. Canada