Thursday 1/01/1970 @ 12:00AM - 12:00AM
Brighter Poppy Day Sarah
Ride Vapour Trail Nowhere
Sugarbears Nothing But Love Where Are the Supremes Tonight? Cloudberry
Wild Ones Forever Jam Party Damage
Lilac Time The Girl Who Waves at Trains
Rodney Allen Bye Bye Love My Favourite Sunday
Gum Anna Sang & Allison
Colour Me Wednesday What Happened
Microdisney Helicopter of the Holy Ghost Another Spark
Ponies in the Surf Fairy in My House
B-Flower ???? The Birth of the True
Tony, Caro, and John The Snowdon Song All on the First Day
Jolie Holland All Those Girls Pint of Blood Anti
Where Gardens Fall Search The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 1
Quiet Life San Luis Obispo Wild Pack Mama Bird
The Jordans Mystified
The Ropers I Don't Mind
Screeming Custard! Love Lurve EP
Yuck Out of Time Glow & Behold Fat Possum
Gayna Rose Madder Ties
Black Cillas Sebastian The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 5
Quasi See You On Mars Mole City Kill Rock Stars
Flowers Cut & Run
Television Personalities The Glittering Prizes
SISU Harpoons Blood Tears Mono Prism
The Occasional Flickers Rucksack Home is a Four Letter Word
Rebecca Gates and the Consortium & & &
Summerhill Goodbye (Just About Everything)
Teen Daze Union
Frankie Rose Into Blue Herein Rose Fat Possum
The Pilgrims Waiting (For Yesterday)
Blue Orchids Low Profile C81 NME
Judee Sill That's the Spirit