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Some music about art, some thoughts about improvisation, some unusual instruments and a little bit of Reich. 


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Sunday 12/08/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Cheryl E Leonard hoar Firn Great Hoary Marmot Music Processed glass, inspired by icy landscapes; perfect music for a cold night like this.
V/A: State of the Nation 2001 Broken Instruments Live from State of the Nation 2001 NMC
Bob Ostertag Pointillism Motormouth KDVS Recordings
Yegor Shevtsov pour les notes repetees Avec un Frisson New Focus Recordings
Alarm Will Sound Arles Michael Gordon: Van Gogh Cantaloupe Music Text adapted from Van Gogh's letters to his younger brother, Theo. Tonight's show despcription image is a painting Van Gogh made while living in Arles (Red Vineyard).
The Dublin Drag Orchestra La Vida Callada Motion of the Heart / Viva Frida! Heresy Records Words by Frida Kahlo.
La Barbara, Joan Klee Alee Sound Paintings Lovely Music Translating visual elements into sound. Inspired by a Paul Klee painting.
Duo Figer - Khanina Intermezzo Unearthing New Focus Recordings Francis Poulenc piece.
Model A Mildendo Wide Song Transmission Lost Self-Released Introspective and emotive, like the Poulenc piece I just played.
V/A: State of the Nation 2001 No. 24 Noncerto Live from State of the Nation 2001 NMC A non-concerto for alto trombone by young British composer Richard Ayers. His website's kind of pretty.
Otherways and Free Space Gesture Life Amid the Artefacts Emanem
Cheryl E Leonard Verstillt Firn Great Hoary Marmot Music