Cooking With Sound

Captain Mandrake and Dr. Freon

Tune in for The Captain's one-hour metal set and then an hour of classic deep-house tracks from Dr. Freon.


Electronic, Jazz, Folk, Punk, J-Pop, International

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Friday 12/06/2013 @ 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Heliotropes The Dove
Heliotropes Pslams
Causa Sui Homage Euphorie Tide
Causa Sui Mireille Euphorie Tide
Dozer Days of Future Past Through The Eyes of Heathens
Dozer Born A Legend Through The Eyes of Heathens
Dozer Until Man Exists No More Through The Eyes of Heathens
Truck Fighers Desert Cruiser Gravity X
Truck Fighters Manhattan Project Gravity X
Fuzz What's In My Head? Fuzz
Fuzz One Fuzz
Bobby Konder Poem
Axel Boman Purple Drank
Fallout/The Morning After Various Artists
Dreams 2 Science My Love Turns To Liquid
Storm Queen Look Right Through(
578 Gunnar Wendel(Omar S. Rude Boy Warm Mix)
Iz and Amp, Diz Mouth(Brad Peep's Remix)
FCL It's You (Haydn Jay Remix)