He Hates Music, He Loves Noise

Robin Redbeast

heavy industry


Skunch, Impressionistic Soundscapes, Not-music, Oldies but goodies

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Thursday 12/05/2013 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Life Stinks Shadow on the Wall Life Stinks SS Records
Steel Pole Bath Tub black eye fixer Unlistenable Permanent
Motorhead Motorhead No Remorse
Mayyors Metro Marines dot Com
Work Mistake Work/Piles Split 12" i miss the hub
Spits 19 million AC 19 million AC EP dirtnap
The Mentally ill Tumor Boy Gacy's Place: the undiscovered Corpses Alternative Tentacles
Business Lady Fridgitable Rose for Bohdan/Business Lady Split 12"
No Talents I don't wanna grow up ...Want some more Estrus
Mothra Let's start a band Feelin Effervescent 7"
Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter Plane The Parable of Arable Land
Girls of Porn NBA Jam NBA Jam / No Problemo Self Released
The Whip Freelance Liason 7" Wantage USA Karp+THrones
Helios Creed Spaceman The Warming 7" Amrep
Butthole Surfers Day of the Dying Alive Humpty Dumpty LSD
Exusamwa Valley of Diamonds Excusez-Moi! 100% Breakfast Records
Quttinirpaaq Side B Let's Hang Out Rural Isolation Project
Public Image Ltd Under the House Flowers of Romance
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves Half Machine Lip Moves
SPK Metall Field Auto Da Fe
Anika I go to Sleep ANika EP Stones Throw I'll be home soon, dear
Algebra Suicide (A Proverbial Explanation For) Why No Action is Taken Feminine Squared Dark Entries
Cabaret Voltaire Walls of Jericho The Living Legends
Negativland Side A A Big 10-8 Place Seeland
Negativland Side B A Big 10-8 Place Seeland
Negativland Mashed Potatoe (A Mashed Version of Potatoes) Mashed Potatoe (A Mashed Version of Potatoes) Ralph
Cheveu Jacob's Fight Cheveu S-S