Twin Peaks

Keke & Big D

Dr. Kelp is covering 9.5 hours of programming (including 4.5 hours of music programming) today because mahou shoujo don't understand these weird Western holidays (a feastday followed by a 'black day'? and you light this candle thing too each time? and there are mobs in public spaces? this sounds pretty metal...) 

So I hope you all like Japanese alternative!


Electronic, Folk, Pop, Ambient

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Thursday 11/28/2013 @ 1:00PM - 3:00PM
101A otogi 4 Film 4/Wheel Records
kacica FF(FF=REW?) My eyes, they're called the earth Pengtraderecords
eksperimentoj untitled eksperimentoj Hurricane Records
Peppermint 1979 Taxi Room Pacifiction
Bad Daughter Mushrooms Little Sun White Wabbit Records
Ogre You Asshole Lobotomy s/t R&C Japan Ltd.
Hinto bubble love Chain Summer Bauxite Music
Sparta Locals ookami otoko no uta Dreamer Universal Japan
Mo'some Tonebender View View Trigger Happy UK Project
8otto You Just Not Only One Ashes to Ashes BMG Japan
Quruli mononokehime Philharmonic or die Victor
Vola & the Oriental Machine A Communication Refusal Desire Waiting for my Food Daizawa
Number Girl Drunken Hearted omoide in my head Toshiba EMI
SuiseiNoboAz 14 The (Overused) End of the World and I Miss You Muh-Fuh SuiseiNorecoRd (self-released)
Supercar I need the sun Three Out Change Epic/Sony
toddle Ode to Joy Dawn Praise the World world wide waddle