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DJ Brad is subbing for Luke Scratchrocker tonight. Please call in  for the playlist.



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Thursday 11/28/2013 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Sun City Girls Cupids Falling from the Ceiling 7" Majora
Meat Puppets Lost II MVD Audio Reissue
Mission of Burma Active in the Yard
True West And then the Rain Hollywood Holiday Revisited Atavistic
Blackouts Happy Hunting Ground History in Reverse K Records
The Wedding Present What Have I said now Bizzaro Manifesto
Pell Mell Breach of Promise Flow SST Records
The Droogs Kingdom Day Kingdom Day Passport
Bailter Space Hard Wired Thermos Flying Nun
PopeALopes A Date with Peggy Lee Chrome Canary
Far Out Fangtooth Bow Your Head Borrowed Time Silt Breeze New
Original Sins All In My Head Big Soul
Napalm Beach Walking On Water Rock and Roll Hell
The Leaving Trains Going Down to Town Well Down Blue Highway Benisbrain
The Feelies Time for a Witness Time for a Witness A&M
Snapper Cause of You New Zealand Band
Rangda Plugged Nickel Formerly Extinct
Peter Jefferies The Other Side of Reason The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World New Zealand Artist
Victor Dimische (Sp?) New and a New Zealand Band
Dadamah Nicotine Sun 7"
THTX The Extended Dream of the Meditations of Atlantis
My Cat is an Alien with Nels Cline The Oceans Above Your Heads New
Joe McPhee and Chris Corsano For Paul Flaherty Scraps and Shadows
Angel Dust : Music for Motorycycles (Whole Comp. Played)