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DJ Avon

Eclectic mix today ranging from imports to bands from the Bay Area, Sacramento and sometimes Davis. 


Indie rock, electro pop, and left-field hiphop

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Wednesday 11/20/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Maritime Out Numbering Human Hearts Dangerbird 2011
Charmless Hot Flower 7 Isota 2002
The Subways Mary - Live from The Islington Academy 7 City Pavement 2005
Dimples I Can Feel You Out There 7 Mexican Summer 2010
Bass Drum Of Death Shattered Me 8 Innovative Leisure 2013
Death Cab For Cutie I Will Posses Your Heart 7 Atlantic 2008
The Rural Alberta Advantage Drain The Blood 7 Saddle Creek 2012
Two Door Cinema Club Start Again 7 Glassnote 2012
Holly Miranda Nobody Sees Me Like You Do 7 XL 2009
White Woods Where Did You Go 7 Suicide Squeeze 2012
Scott Matthews Elusive 7 San Remo 2007
The Decemberists January Hymn 7 Capitol 2010
Kevin Seconds Big American Thing 7 Side One Dummy 2009
Islands Aloe Hills Are Blooming 7 Manque 2013
The Zoltars I Walk Alone At Night Walking Through The Dark CQ Records 2013
Antony Where Is My Power 7 Rough Trade 2008
Telemachus Ferndale Road 7 YNR 2010
Mike Boo ft. Teeko Pathways 7 4OneFunk 2005
Jung Collective Injustice 7 NannyTango 2002
Frederico Aubele El Amor De Este Pueblo 10 Eighteenth Street Lounge 2003
Macromantics Conspiracy Remix 7 Quaketrap 2005
The Leisure Society Fight For Eveyone 7 Full Time Hobby 2013
Nerve City A Few Things Asleep On The Tracks Sweet Rot 2013
Gooch Palms Hunter Street Mall Novo's Anti Fade 2013
Papa Put Me To Work 7 Loma Vista 2012
Carcrashlander Where To Swim Where To Swim Parks And Records 2010
Dead Western Plains Alta 7 Fort Lowell 2010
National Terrible Love 7 4AD 2010
Big Trouble Comb My Hair 7 Speakertree 2012
Maritime C'mon Sense Hman Hearts dangerbird 2011
The Fray ft. Emmylou Harris Boulder to Birmingham 7 Epic 2010
Knock Knock Mike Vs. The Mysteries Of The Multiverse We Will Raise Your Children Sacramento 2011
Therapies Son Red Rose Red Over The Sea Ep Sargent House 2011
Joker's Daughter Go Walking Last Laugh Team Love 2009