Unspeakable Cults


We are witnessing the death throes of the planet.  The demands for ever more outrageous luxury by a degenerate elite, those dim-witted architects of the apocalypse, whose idiotic blundering has brought on previously-inconceivable catastrophe, calls for a revolt unlike any seen in history.  Their tainted blood alone can wash away the stench of their failures.  The blood of history flows from the years 1990 and 2004 tonight.

For a non-violent expression of rebellion, support AFSCME local 3299 (UC workers at campus and med centers) and UAW local 2865 (UC student workers, including TAs) on the picket line at the Northeast corner of Hutchinson and La Rue on Wednesday, November 20th between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM.  Tell UC to go to hell and stand with workers trying to earn a decent living.

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

Bands and labels, submit your music for airplay to:
KDVS Metal Department
14 Lower Freeborn Hall
Davis, CA 95616



Metal, Hardcore, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Tuesday 11/19/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Satan's Host Island of the Giant Ants Virgin Sails Moribund Brand new release!
Kommandant Victory Through Intolerance The Draconian Archetype ATMF Official theme song of the stormtroopers assigned to bargain with labor unions representing UC employees.
Saxon Sacrifice Sacrifice UDR Describing effectively what the corporate parasites attached to UC are doing to the university system, its students, and employees. Thanks for the request!
All Out War The Murderers Among Us Into The Killing Fields Victory Records Thugs in "law enforcement" well paid for their servility to the true criminals atop the system.
Parasitic Ejaculation Fomenting Fetishized Feederism Rationing The Sacred Human Remains Ghastly Music New release! Dedicated to Emperor K.S., this track clearly contains satanic messages, since F is the sixth letter of the alphabet, its initials corresponding to "666."
Necrosadist Abstract Satan Abstract Satan Daemon Worship Productions Masterful 2011 release.
Vio-Lence I Profit Oppressing The Masses Megaforce Kicking off the tribute to 1990 with a song whose title perfectly declares the attitudes of the sycophants draining the University of California.
Kreator Twisted Urges Coma of Souls Noise 1990 saw the last great Kreator album, a lesson in late-period thrash with brutal riffage and mighty hooks.
King Diamond Into the Convent The Eye Roadrunner Continuing our retrospective, arguably King Diamond's finest solo record.
Artillery Life In Bondage By Inheritance R/C The 1990 Danish thrasher's riff-fest and likely magnum opus.
Nocturnus Droid Sector The Key Combat/Earache Legendary debut of shredding, science fiction Floridian death metal.
Megadeth Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Rust In Peace Capitol The last worthwhile release from a once-great act, this was by far the most ambitious record of their career, and a worthy conclusion to our 1990 retrospective.
Deathspell Omega Sola Fide I Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice Ajna Inaugurating our review of 2004, one of the most important releases in modern black metal, an epic treatment of faith and salvation ironically expressed. The first release of Deathspell Omega's mysterious "trilogy." Thanks for the request!
Behexen Fist of the Satanist By The Blessing of Satan Woodcut Another mighty release of Orthodox black metal from 2004, a year of momentous advancement in that particular subgenre.
Emeth Mitigated Enmity Inisidious Brutal Bands Emeth's crushing debut is a sadly-overlooked standout of 2004, a transitional year that this release fit rather well, as it neither typifies modern trends in brutal death metal nor repeats the familiar themes of the '90s.
Silent Force Heroes Worlds Apart Noise Utterly cheesy, infectious power metal displaying occasionally ill-conceived political statements. A sentimental pick, but one that stands out from the typical power metal crowd.
Brodequin Cast Into Torment Methods of Execution Unmatched Brutality Monstrous final outing from one of the most extreme and brutal bands in metal history.
Leviathan Heir To The Noose of Ghoul Tentacles of Whorror Moribund Second dismal release of morbid black metal from Wrest
Solstice The Man Who Lost The Sun Lamentations Candlelight 1994 classic.
Crescent Shield 10,000 Midnights Ago The Stars of Never Seen Cruz Del Sur 2009 release of US-style power metal.
Hades ...Again Shall Be ...Again Shall Be SPV Epic, pounding debut of black/viking metal from 1994.
Cloven Hoof The Gates of Gehenna The Definitive Part One EM 2008 re-recordings from this formative NWOBHM band.
Massmurder Fleshfest Slaughtered For Snuff Unmatched Brutality Punishing 2004 release from the Netherlands. Pure UM-styled sickness.
Brocas Helm Cry of the Banshee Defender of the Crown Brocas Helm 2004.
Aeternus Vind Beyond The Wandering Moon Hammerheart 1997 debut of powerful black/death metal with folkish vibes.
Sepultura Refuse/Resist Chaos A.D. Roadrunner You can resist tomorrow, on the picket line, standing with AFSCME and UAW. Look up AFSCME 3299 online for picket locations and an explanation of their unfair labor practice strike.
Heaven Shall Burn Architects of the Apocalypse Antigone Century Media In honor of the idiots in charge of the University of California.
Napalm Death On the Brink of Extinction Time Waits For No Slave Century Media Dedicated to the human race.