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Focus (pictured, L-R Jan Akkerman, Pierre Van Der Linden, Thijs Van Leer and Bert Ruiter) circa 1974, at the height of their popularity.  We'll hear a track from their latest production, Focus X.  Several extended selections will be featured today, including Curved Air and Pendragon from England, and Flame Dream from Germany.  

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Progressive rock and jazz

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Saturday 11/09/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Focus All Hens On Deck Focus X Eastworld Recordings 2012; Netherlands
Camel Three Wishes Rajaz Camel Productions 1999; San Francicsco
Weird Al Yankovic (featuring Dweezil Zappa) Genius In France Poodle Hat Volcano Records 2003; Los Angeles
Allan Holdsworth Devil Take The Hindmost Metal Fatigue Enigma 1985; England
The Bakerton Group Life On Lars The Bakerton Group SEM Records 2008; Maryland
Curved Air Piece Of Mind Second Album Warner Bros 1971; England
Spock's Beard Mommy Comes Back Day For Night Radiant Records/Metal Blade 1999; Los Angeles
Perigeo Genealogia Genealogia RCA 1974; Italy
Philharmonie Un Sacrifice Nord Cuneiform 1994; France
King Crimson Level Five The Power To Believe Sanctuary 2003; England/USA
Pendragon Masters Of Illusion The Masquerade Overture Toff 1996; England
Flame Dream Sea Monsters Elements Vertigo/Tachika 1979/2009; Germany