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DJ Avon

We will have an exciting show today featuring new, and nearly-new, 12" Lps and 7" singles.


We will have tunes from a 9" single and a 10" EP.


Listeners will enjoy indie rock, post punk, and electropop released from 2000 to current.


Indie rock, electro pop, and left-field hiphop

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Wednesday 10/30/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Therapies Son Rose Red Rose Over The Sea Sargent House 2011
The Zolas Cultured Man 7 Light Organ 2010
Louise Burns Paper Cup Singles Ep Light Organ 2010
Sun Wizard Stop Acting Cold 7 Light Organ 2010
Kam Kama Passer-By 7 Sister Cylinder 2012
Tiny Victories Lost Weekend 7 Bird Dog 2011
Fort Lean Precinct 7 Neon Gold 2012
Young Prisms Feel Fine s/t Mexican Summer 2009
Little Mercury Anthea First Thought/Best Thought Ep Quarrymen 2013
The In Out Pearson Custom Raincoat The Venal Column Sell You 2011
The Embarassing Wrecks Take Me Home 7 Fast Music 2000
Willoughby Everybody Knows 7 Sargent 2012
Home Body The Wheel In Real Life Feeding Tube 2013
Javelin Colleagues 7 Luka Bop 2011
Globes On Remote Weirdness s/t *Self Released* 2010
PlanningToRock The Breaks 9 inch 45rpm single DFA 2011
Neon Indian Fallout 7 Static Tounges 2011
Moonrats Blue, White And Red 7 Infrasonic 2008
Trophy Wife Turncoat Sing What Scares You Meet Your Adversary/ 2013
Yussuf Jerusalem You Broke My Heart In Two Blast From The Past Florida's Dying 2011
Islands No Search Party 7 Manque 2013
La Vampires w/ Maria Minerva Supercool The Integration Not Not Fun 2013
Cleaners From Venus Kool Of The Night Blow Away Your Troubles Captured Tracks 2012
Wavering Saints Eyescrape Strike Date EP Central District 2004
Imaginary Icons Economics Is Everything s/t Daggerman 2008
Lilacs Moon s/t Omega 2012
Blank Dogs Blurred Tonight Phrases Captured Tracks 2010
Harouki Zombi Soilder's Gun 2x7 Polyvinyl 2012
Maus Haus We Used Technology Lark Marvels Pretty Blue Presents 2008
Dreamdate Pyramids Melody Walk Tic Tac Totally 2011
Parlour Simucrenfield Destruction Paper s/t Temporary Residence Limited 2011
Indian Wars Won't Do A Thing Walk Around The Park Bachelor 2011
Ever Ending Kicks Singer Meet Hearer Notion Free Fontee Fount 2013
Fever Put It On You Red Room Kemado 2005
Margy Pepper Deepest Bottom Of The Darkest LAke Golden Webs *Self Released* 2012
Sands Hollow Bump No More Along Half The Night Is Candlelight Monofonus 2012
Nodzzz I Can't Wait s/t What's Your Rupture 2009
The Ketamines Evil Intentions Spaced Out Mammoth Cave Recording Co. 2012
Mother's Children Squeeze ...That's Who! Deranged Records 2010
Dinners 1000 Daggers Black Rabbits *Self Released* 2012