Mulva Myiasis


International, Eclectic, Electronic, Rock, Punk, Noise, Experimental

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Monday 10/28/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Ahleuchatistas heads full of poison Head Full of Poison Cuneiform Records
Group Inerane Alemin Guitars from Agadez vol. 3 Sublime Frequencies
Memphis Minnie I'm Not A Bad Gal I Ain't No Bad Gal
Olympic Shit Man untitled I Live in Storialpolis Greece Dolor De Estamago
Alvarius B God Only Be Without You Baroque Primitiva Abduction
Watchout! Flashbacker Flashbacker Permanent
Bruce Gilbert ingress Monad Touch Music
Various Artists Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums The History of Rock Instrumentals Vol. 1 Rhino
Alas Alak Alaska Finick While Clicking Its Fingers Clarinettis Qoonotations: Too Many Notes K is for Kaleidoscope
Alarmist How I Walk The Crocodile Evil Works Get Rich or Try Dying Evil Works Frenetic
Solid Attitude Creeping Quilt Dash-Ex b/w Creeping Quilt Sweet Rot
Various Artists Those Loud Jets- Catanooga Choo Choo- La Gran Epoca Del Rock En Español Vol. 2 Harmony
High Castle Solomon You're on Your Own Way Zum
The Nothing Late On Set Precipitate
Helen Humes Do What You Did Last Night Super Sisters Rosetta Records
Gary Smith, Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia Icebreaker Brand II l'esprit de l'escalier
Land of Kush The Pit (part 1) The Big Mango Constellation
Argumentix in the fruit of the moment Sentator Tits' Greatest Hits Sincere Brutality
Tuurd Pollock Dracula No So Heavy b/w Pollock Dracula Carbon
Mad Nanna I WaNNA sEE YOU I Wanna See You b/w The Nectarine Tree Soft Abuse
Caroliner Tings on the Awkward Shadow Sides 3 & 4 Dolor De Estamago
Neil Jendon Static after Static Corporate Laughter CIP