Kicksville 29 B.C

Tim Matranga

Velvet Underground and Lou Reed sounds, followed by some spooky and somewhat seasonal rock n roll


Garage, Soul, 60's Psych

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Sunday 10/27/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Velvet Underground What Goes On s/t 3rd MGM
Velvet Undeground Lonesome Cowboy Bill Loaded Cotillion
Velvet Underground There She Goes Again VU & Nico Verve
Velvet Underground New Age
Velvet Undeground Jesus s/t MGM
Velvet Underground Guess I'm Falling in Love Peel Slowly & See Box 1995 re
Velvet Underground European Son Unripened - VU & Nico (Alt version) Green vinyl diff recordings than 1st
Roughnecks You're Driving Me Insane pre-VU Lou
Beachnuts Cycle Annie Out of Sight! Design
Downliners Sect Why Don't You Smile Now co-wr by Reed-Cale
Lou Reed Busload of Faith New York Sire
Velvet Underground Here She Comes Now White Light / White Heat Verve
Lou Reed The Gun The Blue Mask RCA
Lou Reed Sad Song Berlin RCA
Lou Reed Caroline Says II Berlin RCA
Lou Reed Families The Bells Arista
Sister Ray 20th Century Boy To Spite My Face Resonance
Spherical Objects Don't Worry About Me Further Ellipses Object Music
The Soft Boys The Pigworker A Can of Bees Two Crabs
The Eyes (Todd Tamanend Clark) Strange Forces / Core / Phospherescent is the Chamber New Gods: Aardvark Thru Zymurgy Burka for Everybody 1977 Butler PA
Kevin Ayers Song From a Bottom of a Well Whatevershebringswesing 1972 UK
Twink Within The Lost Experimental Recordings 1970
Christmas Point Blank (It Scares Me) Heritage R Lasers Edge Canadian 1971 LP
Sonic's Rendevous Band Song L Sweet Nothing Mack Aborn
Index Feedback s/t Black album Valord
Screaming Lord Sutch She's Fallen in Love With the Monster Man Cameo
Los Saicos (Fugitivo de) Alcatraz Wild Teen Punk From Peru 1965 Electro Harmonix
Jeckyll & Hyde My Baby Loves Monster Movies DCP