Tripping with the Flower Vato

Flower Vato

Todays set is fairly mellow with a good dose of experimental & psychedelia. We'll be hearing tracks from Alice Coltrane, Magic Lantern, Silent Servant, Rainforest Spiritualized Enslavement, Kevin Ayers and the Velvet Underground.



International, Eclectic

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Thursday 10/24/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Alice Coltrane Paramahansa Lake Huntington Ashram Monastery 1969
Michael Levy Ancient Vibrations Ancient Vibrations 2012
Bobby Hutcherson Manzanita Linger Lane 1975
Danny & Dena Guglielmi Na-Wa-Da-Ha Adventures In Sound 1956
Kevin Ayers Lady Rachel Joy Of A Toy 1969
Iasos Siren Shallows Inter-Dimensional Music 1975
Lonnie Holley Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants Keeping A Record Of It 2013, new release
Stella Chiweshe Mhandu Ye Hove Double Check Zimbawe
Kevin Gorman Frequency Phase pt.1 & 2 v/a Stellate 1 2012
Teebs Lakeshore Ave. Ardour 2010
Hiiragi Fukuda Martinique Post Office My Turntable Is Slow 2010
Masaki Batoh A Ghost From the Darkened Sea Collected Works,1995-1996
Silent Servant A Path Eternal Negative Fascination 2012
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Black Magic Originated In Nature Folklore Venom 2013
Valet Tame All The Lions Blood Is Clean 2006
Huerco S Prinzif Colonial Patterns 2013
Christian Cosmos God Has Entered So Fully Into The Human Experience That Everything Has Changed Cadence Upon The Threshold Of Judgement 2012
Xosar Rainy Days Juno Jam Ghosthaus 2012
Masami Kawahara & the Exotic Sounds Temptation Ecstacy 1970