Beyond the Stench of Death


 Infernal Metal tonight. Lots of blackness with some death and thrash for your enjoyment. New Killgasm, Havok and Gorguts in the mix.

Metal bands, submit your music for airplay to:

 KDVS Metal Dept

14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Both Kinds (Heavy and Metal)

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Friday 10/18/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Gorguts Colored Sands Colored Sands Season Of Mist New. Luc Lemay only Original member left.
Gorguts Condemned To Obscurity The Erosion Of Sanity Roadracer 1993
Conducting From The Grave Honor Guide Me! Conducting From The Grave Self Released New Release! Touring This January!
Killgasm High On Church Fumes High On Church Fumes Promo Self Released Look for the new album on
Raven Throne Anchors And Heroes RavenThrone Self Released New Sacramento Metal!
Dark Funeral The Arrival Of Satan's Empire Diabolis Interium REGAIN RECORDS Recorded in 2001.
Nocturnal The Pack Of Lucifer = Eternal Legion Of Evil "Unholycraft = Blood For Glory of Satan" Black Plague
Emperor Towards The Pantheon In The Nightside Eclipse Century Black 1999
Pantheon -I- Burn The Cross Worlds I Create candlelight 2009
Necrosadist Lies of Repent Turning Red Abstract Satan Daemon Worship Productions 2011
Solanum Echoes of the Dead Demo Self Released 2013. Playing Ace Of Spades on 11/6/13 in support of Soulfly, and Havok. Also on the bill is Krippler.
Havok I Am The State Unnatural Selection candlelight New release! Dedicated to our petulant president!
Soulfly No Hope = No Fear Soulfly ROADRUNNER 1998 from Brazil. Headlining Ace Of Spades 11/6/13!
Spawn Of Possession Spawn Of Possession Cabinet Unique Leader 2002
Chronaexus Odyssey To The Cardinal's Peak A Tempest of Reticence Buried in Hell Thanks For The Request!
Infernal Execrator Massacre Of The Evangelists Antichrist Execration pulverised 2008 from Singapore. Starting the "infernal" Metal Set.
Ebola Infernal Revelation Infernal Revelation Old Temple 2007 from Poland.
Marduk Infernal Eternal Heaven Shall Burn...When We Are Gathered Regain Records 2007
Gorgoroth The Rite Of Infernal Invocation Norwegian Black Metal (Live In Grieghallen) REGAIN RECORDS 2008
Infernal War The Grand Intolerance Manifestation Terrorfront Agonia Recorded 2004.
Thunderbolt Infernal Redemption Apocalyptic Doom The END 2007
Nifelheim Infernal Flame Of Destruction Envoy Of Lucifer Regain 2008