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Presto Pancakes

Fiber with Master Baker and Noam Champsky!

Breakin all the rules (and all the garden tools) on air today. A wholesome selection of chillwave, soul, pop, and everything in between. 

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Thursday 10/17/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Pattern is Movement Suckling Suckling/Untitled(How does it feel?) 12' Single Hometapes http://hometapes.bandcamp.com/album/suckling-untitled-how-does-it-feel-12-single
Tora Calming Her Tora
Long Arm When Children Sleep (Empt Remix) Project Mooncircle St. Petersburg, Russia
Takako Minekawa and Dustin Wong Party on a Floating Cake http://portalsmusic.bandcamp.com/track/party-on-a-floating-cake
Pomegranates Create Your Own Reality One Of Us Afternoon Records
Lake Roger Miller Giving & Receiving K Records
Lauren Rebecca My Heart My Heart EP https://soundcloud.com/laurenrebeccamusic
Various Artists 24 Friends & Friends of Friends 6 Tender Loving Empire Adam Brock music
Time for T Phone Sex Dream Bug EP https://soundcloud.com/timefort
Window Twins Old People Wish LP
Tame Impala Apocalypse Dreams Lonerism Modular
40 Winks Outside the Box
Message to Bears Wake Me Folding Leaves Caller Request!
Shigeto Detroit Part 1 No Better Time Than Now Ghostly International
Teen Daze Listen Glacier Lefse Records
Various Artists Decades Friends & Friends of Friends 6 Tender Loving Empire Patti King
Various Artists Springtime Friends & Friends of Friends 6 Tender Loving Empire Stelth Music
Voxtrot The Start of Something Raised By Wolves Cult Hero
Nothinghead Blacked Out No Heart No Soul
Dr. Dog From Fate
Dustin Wong Emerald Atmosphere Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy Thrill Jockey
Kidsuke Nanotrees (Out in the Woods) http://projectmooncircle.bandcamp.com/album/kidsuke
Daisuke Tanabe x Devonwho Robo https://soundcloud.com/devonwho/daisuke-tanabe-x-devonwho-robo
VACATIONDAD Cazadora Cosmico https://soundcloud.com/vacationdad
Quality Cinema Slipping https://soundcloud.com/qualitycinema/slipping