Unspeakable Cults


Ensconced upon a festering throne, the would-be master of mankind has become only the lord of a legion of idiots, a rabble whose impotent meanderings are matched only by the tragicomedy of their pitiable degeneration.  Ere long, the obscure master himself will devour all souls, molding them into a new Babel, where all will share his hideous tongue...


Tonight: the sounds of ancient glories, those things long gone, from Windir to Wardruna and Ereb Altor to Solstice.


Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Metal, Hardcore, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Tuesday 10/22/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Ereb Altor Fire Meets Ice Fire Meets Ice Metal Blade One of my standouts of 2013, the brand new album restores the small amount of faith I had lost in Ereb Altor from their (still strong) Gastrike album; Fire Meets Ice matches the lofty expectations I had developed since their amazing 2010 album The En
Napalm Death Unchallenged Hate From Enslavement To Obliteration Earache The formative grind classic.
Annihilator Word Salad Alice in Hell Roadracer Thanks for the request!
Jasad Urine Campur Narah Witness of Perfect Torture Rottrevore/Forever Underground 2003 COME INDONESIA.
Disentomb Forced Adornment of the Funerary Crown Promo 2012 Self Released New album out in 2014. Elite Aussie brutalz for sick Aussie c**ts.
Morbid Angel Blood On My Hands Covenant Giant Inaugurating our 20-year retrospective mark with 1993, one of the most justly celebrated albums in metal history.
Dissection The Somberlain The Somberlain No Fashion The sole blackened entry into my list for this year, the epic debut.
Gorguts With Their Flesh, He'll Create The Erosion of Sanity Roadrunner The product of Luc's Summer with Suffocation (so the story goes), Erosion is a masterpiece that should be honored as a cornerstone of the Brutal Death Metal sound. Despite a scarcity of blast beats, its concussive force is impossible to deny.
Sinister Diabolical Summoning Diabolical Summoning Nuclear Blast In all likelihood, the finest release from Sinister in a career that peaked too early.
Sentenced Epic North From Here Century Media My preferred '93 Finnish vintage.
Suffocation Ignorant Deprivation Breeding The Spawn Roadrunner The original promo sticker: "Gut wrenching sonic torment from the most extreme band in death metal." With a heavier production, this might well have been better-remembered than any of their other releases. It concludes the '93 set.
Dead Congregation Source of Fire Graves of the Archangels Nuclear War Now Productions Opening our retrospective on 2008.
Grand Magus Beyond Good And Evil Iron Will Candlelight Records An epic slab of heavy/doom metal.
Hour of Penance Drowned In The Abyss of Ignorance The Vile Conception Unique Leader Powerful, punchy slab of Italian death metal, and the band's breakthrough release.
Orchidectomy Excision of Pestilent Lesions From A Ruptured Orifice A Prelate's Attrition Unmatched Brutality Perhaps the most extreme, brutal album ever released, and one that excels at writing memorable songs in such a style. No doubt, one of the heights of 2008.
Crom Unchain The Hero Vengeance Pure Steel A dark horse pick for 2008, but definitely one of its standout power/heavy metal tracks.
Human Mincer Degradation Paradox Degradation Paradox Brutal Bands Arguably the better follow-up to Wormed's Planispherium and one of the highlights of 2008.
Gravehill At Hell's Command 2013 Death Curse Sessions Demo Hellheim Productions Thanks for the request!
Naglfar The Brimstone Gate Diabolical War Music Thanks for the request!
Blasphemy Nocturnal Slayer Gods Of War/Blood Upon The Holy Altar Osmose Thanks for the request!
Intestine Baalism Cannibal Sodom An Anatomy of the Beast Repulse Thanks for the request!
Oppressor As Blood Flows Solstice of Oppression Red Light 1994.
Asphyxiate Instrument of Defiled Breeder Self Transform From Decayed Flesh New Standard Elite Preview track from the upcoming release COME INDONESIA
Windir Svertesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet Arntor Head Not Found 1999 masterpiece of melancholy folk/black metal.
Himinbjorg Nidhoggr Where Ravens Fly Red Stream 1998 black/viking metal standout from France.
Hades Awakening of the Kings The Dawn of the Dying Sun Displeased Mighty 1997 album of heavy black/viking metal.
Solstice Fortress England/I Am The Hunter Death's Crown Is Victory Self Released From the brand new EP, a triumphant return from Solstice after fifteen years of relative silence.