Electro, swamp punk, post-punk, Aussie, Kiwi, lofi, synth

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Monday 10/07/2013 @ 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Mad Nanna I WaNNA sEE YOU I Wanna See You b/w The Nectarine Tree Soft Abuse
The Weirdos Idle Life Destroy All Music Bomp
Satan Panonski Pioniri Maleni Hard Blood Shock SS Records
Fire Exit Talking About Myself Timewall Last Laugh
Bailterspace FIlms of You Trinine Fire
Fuzz Loose Suturs Fuzz In The Red
The Herms Come On Down Drop Out Vol. 1 Castleface
The Lloyd Pack anniversary At Home with the Lloyd Pack l'esprit de l'escalier
Bailterspace Plan Machine Trinine Fire
Permanent Collection NO Reality No Void EP Log Lady
Kam Kama Passerby Passer-By b/w Joseph Stride Sister Cylinder
The Herms Volleyball Drop Out Vol. 1 Castleface
Laugh Clown Laugh Fix the Mix Laugh Clown Laugh Medical
Play You Don't Look the Same 12 Red Movies Medical
Nagamatzu Posession Shatter Days Dark Entries