The Prog Rock Palace

DJ Markuss & Curtis Carroll

Today's show will feature music from two '70s groups with concert appearances at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco later this month; Hawkwind on October 18th and Goblin on October 20th. Both groups have remained active in the intervening 40 years and have a wealth of material to draw from.

We'll also hear new music from Haken, Sound of Contact, and time permitting, Perhaps, a math-rock band opening for Hawkwind.  I'll also talk about two prog-themed cruises coming up next year.

Always the widest variety of prog you'll hear anywhere on the Prog Rock Palace. 


Progressive rock and jazz

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Saturday 10/05/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Magellan Union Jack Hours Of Restoration Magna Carta 1991. US
Nightwish Arabesque/Last of the Day Imaginareum Nuclear Blast 2011. Finland
Renaissance Running Hard Live at Carnegie Hall Sire 1976/1995. UK
Camel Never Let Go A Live Record Decca/GAMA 1978/2002. UK
Goblin Suspiria Suspiria Cinefox 1973/1987 Italy
Haken Cockroach King Mountain King Century Media 2013. UK
Traffic A House For Everyone Traffic UA 1968. UK
Music Machine The People In Me (Turn On) The Music Machine Original Sound 1966. LA
Hawkwind Dust In Time Levitation GWR 1980. UK
Perhaps Excerpt from Volume 2 Volume 2 Origo Sound. 2013. Boston
Saga Intermission Heads Or Tails Portrait 1983/2002 Canada
Rush Leave That Thing Along Counterparts Anthem 1993. Canada
Steve Howe Look Over Your Shoulder The Steve Howe Album Atlantic 1979/1995. UK
Porcupine Tree She's Movin' On Deadwing Lava 2005. UK
Sound Of Contact Mobius Slip Dimensionaut Inside Out 2013. UK