Textile Fabrication

Milson Tisdale

Pillar rug, China, Ningxia, 19th century.


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sound, drone, noise, and popular song structure

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Sunday 10/20/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Can Animal Waves Saw Delight rec. 1977
Michal Urnbaniak's Fusion Kama (pt.1 & 2) Atma rec. 1974
CAVE Arrow's Myth Threace Drag City *new
Joni Haastrup Watch Out Wake Up Your Mind Tummy Touch rec.1978
Gastr Del Sol The Seasons Reverse Camofleur rec. 1998
Annea Lockwood mini mobile/spinning discs The Glass World rec. 1970
Terry Riley Persian Surgery Dervishes - Perfromance 1 (pt. 1) Persian Surgery Dervishes rec. Apr. 18 1971 in L.A.
Biota track 20 Object Holder ReR/Recommended rec. 1995
Yoshiko Sai side b Mikko Bamboo rec. 1976
Yoshiko Sai Desert Road
Yoshiko Sai Land of Sleep
Yoshiko Sai Like An Angel
Yoshiko Sai Ship Adrift
Yoshiko Sai Stowing Away
Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra The Golden Lady The Nubians of Plutonia Impulse! rec. 1959 in Chicago