The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

Its a radio party as we comemorate the 26 years since my birth, we'll swap great birthday memories, recepies and a punk rock delacacies! 530 752 2777. Tonight's radio show is clothes optional.



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Tuesday 10/01/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
strong bad tou've got an ugly and stu[id butt strong bad sings
big noise college student
b;ack randy and the metro squad i wanna be a nark
Rancid X get someone to love me
White Fang i can't sk8 Positive Feedback Marriage Records
vox pop cab driver
scratch acid Damned for all time
Black Label When Christine Comes Around When Christine Comes Around Mighty Mouth Music
hasskells taking the city by storm
anteenagers mc where is Billy Idol now?
child molesters gonna punch you in the face
rancid vat portland bloodbath
The Penetrators Teenage LIfestyle Kings Of Basement Rock Slovenly
Fire Exit timewall Timewall Last Laugh
les dragueurs cailloux
Shocked Minds drugs song Shocked Minds HoZac
Eat Skull Where'd you Go? Where'd You Go Volar
Public Humiliation the toilet seat id a;ways wet It All Started When I Was Five Goon
White Fang drugs on the moon Positive Feedback Marriage Records
Dancer you got it man On The Run 7" Daggerman
styphnoids mom's as fake
Uncle Funkle reality Picture Of My Dick Marriage Records/Gnar Tapes and Shit
Coachwhips wheelchair Hands On The Controls Castle Face
Good Throb bag Good Throb Play Pinball
your mother happy birthday
hitlersss no solution
tits daddy is my pusher